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First Entry



'ello 'ello 'ello there,

This is just a quick 'up til now' post to get me on my way in my journey to become a Special Constable.

Back in July of last year I saw an advert in the Evening Standard from the met looking to recruit Special Constables. Normally when you get close to the back of the Standard you just brush past the last few pages ,but for some reason the ad grabbed my attention.I never really thought of becoming a police officer I just thought what an amazing opportunity it would be to take on the role of a Special Constable.

So went on line and filled out the application and within a few weeks got an invitation to a Day 1 Assesment day on the 23rd September. Studied really hard for the five competencies and felt really prepared for the interview and written test.The day itself was a little daunting especially after passing through the gates and into the massive grounds which is Hendon. A week later i was informed by email that I had passed the written exam but narrowly missed the mark expected for the interview, I was disappointed but determined to brush up on the areas i fell short on and eventualy got a date for another assesment which was the 18th January. After a few weeks of waiting to find out how I did I emailed HR and was told I had passed and a date for Day 2 would be in the near future......woo hoo! Succes!

Day 2 for me on the 27th March was less nervy and was more focused on the physical aspect which I was fine with rather then going over in my head what I was going to say regarding life experiences etc......

Passed the medical and fitness test and now just waiting to hear how the vetting is going then hopefully soon on to training to actually become a Police Special Constable.....fingers crossed.


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Hope vetting and everything goes well, are you looking to become a regular ?

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Just looking to do the volunteer role at the minute,two 8 hr shifts a month I think is the norm. And then.... who knows?

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