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I'm not an Anarchist. I promise!

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So, I'm feeling better now (I hope you visited the blue lamp foundation's website), and I can't sleep, so I thought I'd let you know about the next stage of the application process for Staff's Specials.

As you know, I got the letter confirming I had passed the assessment day, and with it came a Counter-terrorism form and a medical questionnaire and a couple of erroneous medical-related papers.

Firstly- Counter-terrorism. Very important in this day and age. It's part of the vetting procedure, and has to be sent off, in a provided envelope, to a separate department (not just to Human Resources). It's a peachy/orangey booklet that you may have had to fill out for a whole number of different reasons, from being a civil servant to contract work inside a prison. It's essentially a more formal version of the vetting sheets from the application booklet at the start of the process. You're asked basic details about yourself and both of your parents, and then about your criminal history and if you've ever been involved in anarchistic, terrorist or racist elements groups. That's pretty much all there is to it, and it probably won't take you more than 20 minutes.

The next bit, the medical questionnaire, is quite simply, an absolute pain in the arse. Again, you fill out your details and your GP's details, and then you have to tick yes or no to several pages of various illnesses, and if you say that you've had one or more of them, you have to explain what it was and other details. Then you're asked your height and weight (so your BMI can be calculated) I'm 5'8" and 60Kg, so have a rather snazzy BMI of 19.2. Finally, and most problematically, for me anyway, is my immunisation history…as I moved Doctor, to my University's health centre I thought it would be best to go in and ask for my medical history, especially my height/weight and immunisation history, at a cost of 35p a sheet. 70p later (not funny- I couldn't afford a can of coke later because of that) I was told nothing about my immunisation history, excluding the Flu jab I was given when I arrived. I already knew about that, and it wasn't asked for on the questionnaire. *Sigh*

They want to know what year you were vaccinated against Diphtheria, tetanus, TB, Polio, and Hepatitis B. As I went to Honduras last year I couldn't be certain as to whether I had been recently been given top-ups to those, as opposed to my regular boosters etc. So, after a call to my old GP, where I had to tease, painfully, the year of my immunisations from the receptionists (who were actually very nice), and not have to wait for my mum to open the letter they sent to my parent's home address I finally had what I needed.

The other two sheets were simple enough, and asked your address (again) and your GP's address so they could send the form to him/her and get them to verify and sign it off. You don't need an exam or consultation to fill it out. The GP's are sent it later. The other sheet asks for your permission to have other people read your medical history etc.

Send them off and you're all done. I'm currently waiting on a letter informing me when the medical exam is, as (I always have been) I'm completely confident there is nothing on either of the forms that will hinder my application, otherwise my parents (and the government to a much greater extent) would have some serious explaining to do.

I'm glad I've got to this stage as now I can start to include the more exciting aspects of the application process, namely training, and eventually the duties I perform, which is what everyone's interested in, really.

As ever, leave a comment, rate the blog, and check out My blog's site.


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