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Ups and Downs

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So I have some fantastic news and some terrible news (and yes, I’m aware the title of this entry was misused slightly.)

So, firstly, the good news- I passed my Assessment day, with a pretty good margin. I have some medical and security forms to fill out, and I’ll go into some more detail about them in my next entry. But I’m incredibly happy about it. I was getting nervous about it, but I’m very confident I’ll pass the next couple bits of paper work.

Now for my bad news- I’m sorry to have to say, if you didn’t already know, that PC David Rathband has tragically passed away. This is the hero Cop who was shot in the face by Raoul Moats, was blinded but remained a Police Officer and set up one of the most badly needed and noble charities I know of, the Blue Light Foundation.

It would appear, however, that in the two years since he was shot, his marriage broke down and it seems he committed suicide. I can’t blame his wife. Very few people could know how stressful that situation is for partners, as well as the victim. I can however blame Raoul Moats, the coward who has another name to add to the list of people he murdered, in my opinion. There are very few people I hate with a seething passion in this world, but Moats was/is one of them. Further, I’m at a loss for words at the politicians that have to gall to give superficial condolences, especially to further their aims, such as whether the Northumberland Police gave PC Rathband enough support. It simply is not the time and, honestly, makes me feel physically sick.

PC Rathband was one of my true heros. If I could be half the Police Officer he was then I can die a happy man. If you can spare a few pounds please make a donation to, or buy some merchandise from, http://bluelamp-foundation.org/. It’s a worthy charity that helps members of the emergency services, and their families, who are criminally inured in the line of duty. If you couldn’t, or don’t, do the job (whether it’s the Police, Ambulance or Fire service) help those that do, and get injured helping people like you.

RIP David Rathband 1968-2012.

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