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Rung number two

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So, big news, and the second rung on my ladder to joining the Police- I’ve been given an assessment date! I’ve got a few weeks to work on my competencies and make sure my examples are as strong as they could be. I’m mainly going to talk about the pack I’ve been given, maybe try and break some of the things down, and in the process, get my mind-cogs turning (maybe even add a bit of WD-40), and see if I can come up with the best examples I can. I’ll also be mentioning a few of the things I’ve noticed in past couple of weeks that you guys may find of interest. For you guys who have already been through the process, you may want to tune out for a while until I’ve finished this first bit.

So- the assessment day information pack. First thing’s first- send the reply letter off, otherwise any effort you put into practicing it will be utterly wasted, as you’ll have to wait another 6 months and re-apply, without replying or just the 6 months, if for whatever reason you can’t make the date.

I’m going to throw in a quick disclaimer here- everything I discuss in this post is based on the Staffordshire Police’s assessment day pack, and it may vary between forces (but the general principles will be the same, if there is any variation whatsoever), and nowhere does the pack say I can’t discuss the contents, which are actually more vague that you’d expect. Disclaimer over.

Right, so, the pack (for me) includes a map of Stafford, a cover letter telling me I’m invited to an assessment day next month, and a ‘recruitment process booklet’ as it like to call itself and an RSVP letter, just like you used to get for birthday parties. It’s making me all nostalgic.

Moving swiftly on- The process booklet contains information on the three activites that will take place on the day- A written test, structured interview and a situational judgement test. The written test is self-explanatory- You’re given a fiction scenario in a fictional town (Sandford Town, like Hot Fuzz…no influence, either way, of course) and you have to write a proposal document for your response, in 20 minutes. The interview is just that, an interview where, I believe you are asked questions such as ‘give an example of a time when you showed resilience’ (I can’t be certain about this, and if anyone who’s been through the process can, and would like to, let me know if I’m right or not, can feel free to leave a comment below. I’m not certain if you’re allowed to do this however), like in some versions of the original application form. Finally the situational judgement test- a 65 minute, multiple choice quiz, where you have to select the best and worst answer. These will be a process of elimination, but as with the example question I was given, it can be tricky- Make sure that the question is read thoroughly, and what seems to be the worst option might not necessarily be the worst. Needless to say I got the worst answer wrong. I still say it was a trick question though, there were equally as bad.

like I said earlier, the assessment day pack is actually a bit vague, especially in regards to the interview, which is (quite simply) what I find to be making me most nervous. But don’t worry! You’re assessed on various competencies all day, at least twice. The assessors will give you a grade per competency, between A and D, and it’s your average grade, I believe that you’re passed/failed on. You are also told what you need to get in each competency (I assume) to pass, as well as what it is they’re looking for, and what will get you kicked out of the process before you can say…uhmmm…don’t kick me out of the process. Race and Diversity you need an A. No surprises there. The others it’s either a B or C. Don’t get a D.

As a whole I’d say that the instructions given are pretty good, and I suppose that it’s designed not to give you clues, and while, from what I’ve heard, they want you to pass (and it’s going to take some serious stupidity to fail straight up) they aren’t going to give you examples and answers. They expect you to put the work in, otherwise there’d be no point in the tests.

A final point- The hardest part, I find, it that while it’s going to take real idiocy to get D’s on things like Race and Diversity, it doesn’t appear to be that easy to get an A. On a similar line- to those that have done this bit- can you give multiple examples per competency, or does it have to be just the one situation?

Now then- stuff I’ve noticed. This bit will be brief, mainly because I don’t really notice anything, because I don’t really do anything. I’m a student. ‘Nuff said. Actually, the one thing I’d like to mention is the way that people will often say “I expect this will get -1’d, but I’m going to say it anywayâ€, or “You’re all going to neg me, but I don’t careâ€, or similar. If you don’t care, a) why say it? b) don’t let people use the reputation system to change your opinions.

One of my favourite things that I’ve noticed is that people are more than happy to tell you that they’ve _1’d you, but will rarely tell you they’ve -1’d you. Why is this? It may be that they’re scared of being -1’d back? The MODs aren’t stupid, they’ll pick up on this sharpish and will get it sorted, especially if you ask them to look into it. I love the rep. system personally, but I wish people would explain why they’re giving a +/-. I mean, if a child gets an answer wrong the teacher doesn’t just mark them down, they explain where they went wrong, so they can have a better chance of being correct next time. This is the same with opinions- you have to explain, maybe even give evidence as to, why your opinion is right and why theirs is wrong, as opposed to ‘it just is’.


NB- Hi everyone, thanks for reading my blog, again I’d love some feedback on it. Any improvements you think I could/should make- too long, too short, more/less detail. What sort of things would you like to read about? How often would you like me to make a blog? I’m currently leaning towards fortnightly, but I’m more than willing to do a weekly blog if that’s what you’d be interested in. I find that a lot of policing related blogs are fairly irregular. I expect a lot of people lose interest after a few blogs. Not me though, you’re stuck with me now. I’ve got the bug ^^. On that note, I do spend quite a bit of time writing these and I’d really appreciate it if you spend a few moments leaving me a comment, maybe even rating the blog (5* would be lovely, but it’s up to you), let me know how you feel about the things I discuss and letting other people know about the blog, especially if you think it would be of use to them.

Thanks very much,

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I want pictures shikari, PICTURES! :w00t: only joking. Keep posting...i never did the A/C (just plenty of police crap/talking to folks) so interesting to see what goes on.

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I never realised you posted this back in Jan.

Nice read, keep 'em coming.

I too like the reputation system and i think that you should be able to see who is voting you up and who is voting you down.

Not sure if that could be implemented, but it would be cool.

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