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2012 Olympics; SAS everywhere

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It comes as no surprise that armed security will be the name of the game when the Olympics come to the UK, but it appears that current and former SAS will be on the streets in great numbers.

The main stories seem to surround all the armed Police that are going to be deployed around the 34 venues of the UK games, with all leave cancelled and highly visible teams not only patrolling the streets, but securing hotels near Hampden Park in Glasgow to Weymouth in Dorset and everywhere VIPs and competitors are likely to be found in between.

Two previous Games - Munich in 1972 and Atlanta in 1996 - have been disrupted by terrorist organisations and the UK Government want to ensure things go smoothly.

Every force wants to ensure nothing happens on their patch and with locations for certain competitions not yet fixed, such as where Football teams from "high-profile" nations such as the US, Israel or China might play their games, everyone is planning for maximum security requirements.

Look a little deeper though and you'll find Special Forces, Spooks and a huge army of covert operatives with 'special backgrounds' will be swelling the numbers of Police and Uniformed Security from the likes of G4S.

With all planned CT roles allocated in Afghanistan and all ops assigned to the SBS and SFSG, leaving nothing for the SAS beyond 6 months from now, you don't have to be a genius to work out the Regiment will return to the UK to cover the games - the venues too numerous and too geographically spread for the Sqn on CRW duty to deliver anything other than an after-action response, it appears the government are fielding every available man they can get their hands on in a bid to pre-empt trouble.

Members of SAS CRW have already been involved in a 2-day hostage rescue Op with several Police teams at Loughborough University which Team GB are going to use as a training base.

Word is out from a number of major hotel chains for former SAS members who are now working in the private sector to get in touch with a view to bolstering their in-house provision, worried that they might find themselves the venue for a terrorist attack; several Private Security Companies now have a "Special Projects" division providing only former Special Forces personnel to clients who insist on ex SAS and they are already booked up for next July-August.

Those of us with 'less special' backgrounds are getting booked up too, I'll be there, but those with the magic three letters on their CV are calling the shots at the moment, other positions backfilled as there are more positions than there are ex balaclava display team members to fill them.

So when you're at the games and get barged by a serious look guy with a weathered complexion and an intent stare at something up ahead, don't make a big thing of it, take a deep breath, let it drop and move on...

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