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The New Year... etc etc

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My New Year Eve.... I had the choice of:

a/ spending a small fortune on getting in to a crowded nightclub, waiting ages to be served, being charged a princely sum for a small bottle of un-pronouncable beer and then get battered to death by all and sundry that attempt to pass the dance-floor

b/ sit indoors watching TV on own (other half was on duty)

c/ going on duty from 4pm to 2am.

I chose the latter, and to be honest it wasn't as crazy as I thought it was going to be (having said that, my other half would probably argue that point)

Early evening started like ground-hog day, numerous visits to the same block of apartments and communal roof-top garden where the place was teaming with 14 to 16 year olds being little blighters helped generously by lots of beer, an advert on facebook and no adults anywhere to be seen.

On a subsequent visit, a parent from somewhere tracked me down, "Oi, you, I know the law...." and rambled something about confiscating alcohol on private property.

My colleague went for the "breach of the peace" reply, considering they where throwing bottles of the roof top and being a royal pain in the backside.

I thought of free-styling and going for an optional "S1 Young Persons Act, confiscating alcohol... public were given access... advert inviting public.... relevant place, ergo.... "hand-over yer booz sonny-jim"... but decided not to complicate the repetitive dialogue that was already open.... and maybe a bit thin on the ground... so I continued at a best attempt to patch-up the lobby door that had been disabled by someones handy work of a hammer.

One hour later, back again this time criminal damage. "Well those pictures were ###### anyways" said the parent from earlier referring to the frames hanging on the communal walls that once contained pictures of oil-painted country landscapes but now just large shards of glass hang to the remains.

Across the entire walls of four landings (on four different floors) in the stairwell was a streak of blood, presumably from the suspect considering the amount of skin still attached to a large shard of glass laying on the floor. I did have to stand back and admire his/her commitment to making as much mess as possible on the walls in both directions. I know if i cut my hand, my natural reaction is to stick the effected digits in to my mouth. This little oik felt the need to drag their hand across each wall, go back and do the same but in the opposite direction.

Another hour later, a wet swab, a dry swab, a shard of glass with rather large amount of skin attached and off to the fridge we go. Not that there is a likelihood of the offender being know, but their DNA will sit on the database until their paths cross with the Police again.

1 week later... In the vicinity again, this time the block next door.... "my mate owes me money, I'm not going 'til he pays me" etc etc. I have a sneaky suspicion this newly developed area may become a bit familiar to me over the coming months/years.

The rest of the evening when fairly consistently and stood down from duty about 3.30am.

follow me on http://twitter.com/sc2522

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