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Intro to blog world

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Well this is the first blog for me.

Ive been working for a large force in Comms now for over a year! I love every aspect of the job, the responsibility, the challenge and overall the sense of satisfaction when doing a good job.

I have also learned to respect everyone of my colleagues who work to the grind, day in day out dealing with people in some of the most horrific circumstances of their life. I think it is one of the most mentally draining and challenging jobs within ourcurrent policing system.

I have also encountered on numerous occasions a divide between how police fficers on the street believe we operate to how we actually do things and dealing with mr jo public at the first point of contact. I have found that most officers believe we just ask basic 5W questions and like mokeys type the info, thats not the case at all.

A "simple" burglary will generally involve a minimum 12 questions throught the initial logging and this is just a basic national framework standard. Then you have to couple that with the legal knowledge of defining a burglary at first point of contact and also then giving correct relevant csiu advice etc to the MoP who will have only ever experienced a police call from watching the bill and had csiu advice from watching CSI Miami.

I am always amazed and bemused to see how a police officer that comes into comms for a sit in session comes in with a "this must be an easy job attitude" to leaving wondering how the hell we do it from time to time.

Now after a year i think ive been around the block and had my fair share of "doozys" from the surreal, to the unreal to the down right horrific *of which i will not go into detail"

I guess the whole point of this first blog is to highlight what a specific, skilled role it is to be able to deal with people over the phone and ensure the information is right for those officers to deal with on the streets.

I hope those officers and specials take on board that it is very hard to work in comms and i would emplore any officer and encourage them to take a go ToD within comms and listen in. You might be surprised!


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