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Basic Driving Authority (BDA) Test - Car

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What a month its been since my last blog!

Lots and lots of patrol! Since gaining IP (Independant Patrol) status it's been nice taking the occasional walk on my own and also crewing with various PCSO's (they do a great job, they are the knowledge bank of who's who of the majority of the local tear-aways ner-do-wells).

So the next step... getting behind the wheel of a police car.

I spent several evenings before my test revising the highway code, learning my thinking and breaking distances!

On the morning I turn up at HQ and sit my theory test (40 multiple choice questions, requiring a pass mark of 36 out of 40) and then jumped into an un-marked family sized saloon diesel with my examiner.

20 minutes of 29mph ten-to-two driving/steering and hand-feed turning, a bit of reversing round corners and polite chatter and hey presto, a yellow sheet of paper and a red-permit in the post!

Next month, its my BDA test for the people carriers/vans. Have a sneaky suspicion it may be a bit more difficult to reverse round a corner! i'll let you know!

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It's ok as long as you are one of the chosen few who have or will be picked to have a driving course. What about the ones that had driving authority before our old chief Con Mr Hogan-Howe decided that Specials and PCSO's would have that authority recinded. Those of us that had done nothing wrong and believe that they carried out a good job feel at least hard done to and some Special officers I have spoken to are considering their position within the force because of it. Personally I am not level 3 but was able to assist and attend with my other officers many incidents that whilst on foot patrol we would not have been able to deal with. Yes it is a gripe with me and many others but it is Merseyside Police's loss.


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