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10-11 Constable Phillips, you can stand down for the last time.

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I'm in!

Well I think the title says it all: I've got into the pilot Volunteer Police Cadets unit with North Yorkshire Police. Got an email yesterday telling me that, from the Cadets Manager (a temporary Inspector; don't ask for his name...) that I'm into Cadets! So proud. Anyway, welcome to my blog; I'll be keeping you all updated on my adventures as I pass from goal to achievement in the VPC unit. Just to say: All views on this blog are mine and mine alone; they do not represent those of North Yorkshire Police or any Cadets / Leaders. Got to add a disclaimer just in case my writing back fires; anyway, let's hope they don't mind! Till next time, Con x




A few weeks in

Having started my initial twelve week training two weeks ago this coming Wednesday, we've so far learned about bullying, equality and diversity. I've not really got that much to say yet to be perfectly honest as we've not done much. All I can say is that everybody seems nice and we're all getting more confident around each other already. Also: I'm writing this post on one of the most tragic days for each and everyone of the big family that we are. 10-11 Constable Phillips, you can stand down for the last time.



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