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About this blog

I have decided to write a small blog on my adventures during training!

Entries in this blog


The waiting is over!

Well after over a year of waiting I am finally starting training in November 2011. I am both excited and very nervous about the prospect of becoming a warranted officer of the law. (ekk) Even now when I hear myself tell my friends and family about becoming a special I beam with pride, 13 months ago I could not have imagined where I would be today and hopefully in the future, me a police officer? I have my friend to thank for taking me on my first observation shift where I started to consider a future with the police, be it as a special or even a carer. I have been told many things about training some good some bad and the most important rule NEVER to be late. I am thinking you will be toasted or punished by being told to sit on a naughty chair or first for the CS test!! Well I will be making more post as training moves on, not only for myself to look back on but for other people considering becoming a special, don't worry I wont let any operational secrets out the bag especially about the one where haribo is a must in every police officers kit bag. Speak soon!! Wayne



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