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LASEK eye surgery

In order to get into the regulars (police) I require 6/6 vision unaided. Due to my poor vision I opted for laser eye surgery and looked at two places. The first was called Ultralase and the second Optegra, I had previously enquired with Optimax but they kept hassling me and so I took them off the list. When I went to Ultralase they ran some tests and said they could not achieve 6/6 vision for me and neither could Optegra. Low and behold I felt a dash down, as this was one hurdle for the police I would not be able to cross. Nerveless I went to see Optegra and had heard amazing things about them and how their equipment is the best in the UK. I went and they looked at the shape of my eyes, and checked all the bits they needed. Then I met the optometrist Oliver who did the usual eyesight checks and said he could get me to Left eye 6/9 and Right eye 6/6 overall 6/5 vision after laser surgery. I then met with Mr Rob Morris the surgeon who ran through what would happen and that LASEk is better for me than LASIK due to there not being a flap created like there is in LASIK, so I agreed to LASEK. Few weeks later I called them to arrange the operation, went in on 31st March fully informed of what was going to happen. At 1335 I went in, and was given a shower cap to wear and had local anaesthetic drops put into my eyes. I then went through to the "Laser room" where I laid down on the bed and looked into a light. I had more drops added to my eyes and one was clamped open whilst the other covered. Rob Morris then used a trephine on my eye to make a small incision into the outer cornea layers called the epiphillium, which he then folded to one side. The laser was then lowered with lots of lights around it, and I heard them say "Pupil is locked on" and "6 seconds in this eye", then the laser was administered to my right eye for 6 seconds and then same thing done for my left eye. After the procedure I could see, but it was very blurry due to the amount of drops I had. An hour after I started to feel pain in my eyes so I used the painkiller drops on them, which soothed them for a short while. I then went home and my vision seemed good, but when I got home my eyes were so sore, and I couldn't open them at all because they were so sensitive to light. I just went to bed and slept but wearing my special goggles I was given. Day 1 (Post op) Friday - First day, woken up and very sore and gritty eyes, time for my 7am drops, I could barley see anything as they were so sensitive, but took the drops and went back to sleep. Woke up again at 9am and could see and it wasn't that painful as had taken my painkiler drops earlier on. Vision seems good bit blurry but that's the epilphiium healing. Day 2 (Post op) Saturday - Eyes really sore again, had to gently wash around them and not get water in them, take painkillers and drops, eyes really teary. Day 3 (Post op) Sunday - Eyes feel fine, left eye is more clearer than right Day 4 (Post op) Monday - Getting my bandage lens taken out today. I go to see Optegra and meet with Oliver, who looks at my eyes, saying they are healing well. I then look at the board of letters and can see most of the second page. He then takes the bandage lens out and my vision goes all blurry this is due to the epithilum cells being partly attached to the lens and some come off, so they need to regrow. My vision at this point it back to blurry but I can see enough to drive, they are just really sore and dry so administer the eye drops. I go home and sleep. Will keep you updated on my vision, as its a bit blurry as I write this. Turns out the drops I'm on (Exocin) which is antibiotics and (Maxidax) which is anti-inflammatory, prolong bluriness in order for the cornea to heal, interesting. Day 5 (Post op) Tuesday - Had a good nights sleep, woke up and eyes don't feel dry. I can certainly read more and see more things in detail as well. Watched Despicable Me on iPad last night, seemed to be not so blurry its just far objects and sometimes close that feel blurry. Day 6 (Post op) Wednesday = Eyes felt the same today, however had a long sleep this afternoon which seemed to improve them a bit, and they don't feel sore anymore just bit dry. There was certainly some improvement whilst I slept as could read the big titles of my books on my bookshelf, albeit a bit blurry. Going to get looked at again by Oliver at Optegra tomorrow, where he can tell me the state of the healing, as it can take a minimum of two weeks for the epilphillium to heal and flatten itself out Day 7 (Post op) Thursday = Eyes felt a bit better today, and had to drive to Optegra so wore my sunglasses for the first time, and could read much better than I previously could. Arrived and was greeted by Oliver again, who ran some tests similar to what I had done when I went to the free consultation to look at the cornea etc. I then read off the board and could see pretty much up to the 6/6 line of text, albeit a bit blurry. I asked Oliver about the healing after he examined my eyes and he said they are nearly healed, and the blurriness should fade away shortly. He gave me some better eyedrops to lubricate the eye more and also aide with the healing process. Went to Woking for a meeting and enjoyed the glorious sun wiht my sunglasses on. Day 8 (Post op) Friday = Today I come off Exocin, and on use Maxidex twice a day, but this new stuff I use 4 times a day to lube the eye and aide it with healing. Woke up this morning being able to see more, took my 7am drops and then watched some tv, had a little sleep from 1130 - 1230 and woke up with being able to read my PHP book on my bookshelf with no bluriness, which felt amazing just need to continue the resting of the eyes as they are certainly healing and getting better. 1 Month post op -- Went on Thursday 28th April saw the specialist, I was told I definatley have 6/6 vision, however the right eye is still healing so I should get 6/5 vision



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