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About this blog

daily ins and outs of life

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A fond farewell!

Well my policing journey has come to an end at this time. I have left my position within communications for pastures new and the prospect of better career options in the private sector. I do genuinely believe that i have timed this well, what with the way the current budget situation is and the way that within my force they are projecting the cuts, going through the ongoing project of slashing here and tucking there. Im sad to see my time go though. I have worked for over a year within the police service and it has well and truley opened my eyes to the world around me. Looking back i now considered myself to have been naieve and narrow minded about the work involved within working for the police force. Ive had my fair share of "horrible" jobs, also my fair share of "the good nicks" and also the pure "bang my head against a wall" type jobs and i am proud to be able to say that i have contributed to modern society, helped people who genuinely needed it and also **i hope to think anyway** made a difference in the small scale of things. I have no misconceptions that should in the future a position arise that i would like to take on, i would join again at the drop of a hat and not hesitate to continue on doing the long hard and arduous shifts with no thanks or recognition. So on a final note, my respect goes out to all, far and wide who work for the police service, whether it be in a officer or staffing capacity AND also wish those well weith what the future may hold as it is uncertain times. PP signing off!!




New years eve, no punches pulled, literally!

So this year i drew short straw of being in work, on a night shift new years eve. Now for all that its worth id have much rather been at home but needs must and i was required at my posting within the Comms room. The shift started off as any other, came in early at 20:30, logged onto station and checked all necessary and relevant emails and briefing items for the night ahead. The it was go time. 21:00 and Tee minus 10 hours until end of duty. Surprisingly the first few hours of shift were the usual drunken fights.arguements and thetfs but all in all it was ticking over nicely but not too busy. Then taking refreshments from midnight until 0100 allowed myself and the rest of my relief sometime to enjoy a buffet and some fireworks outside before having to get back to the hard work. As soon as i was logged back in and ready the system went wild! Beep after beep, job after job, it seemed like everyone had decided the happy new years were over and they decided they wanted to take lumps out of each other! It was a long and hard slog, weary work dealing with intoxicated persons, petty squabbles and numerous fights but it all has to be done and the police were taken to the limit that night. Clocking off at 0700 hours after a long shift, i was left feeling worn out but yet quite exhillerated with what had been done and accomplished within this singular tour of duty. Between midnight and 0700 over 3000 jobs were taken and actioned, that was within a 7 hour time frame. Some forces i know dont even do half that on any special occasions such as xmas and new years. Wearily i made my way home and went to bed, day blended to night and night again to day. It is easy to say it was a busy night but that would be an understatement. I think the Comms officers, radio personell and the officers on the street did a great job and deserve a lot more for thanks and recognition for what we did that night just to manage. Next time on this blog.... some other periodic update of life within the service




Intro to blog world

Well this is the first blog for me. Ive been working for a large force in Comms now for over a year! I love every aspect of the job, the responsibility, the challenge and overall the sense of satisfaction when doing a good job. I have also learned to respect everyone of my colleagues who work to the grind, day in day out dealing with people in some of the most horrific circumstances of their life. I think it is one of the most mentally draining and challenging jobs within ourcurrent policing system. I have also encountered on numerous occasions a divide between how police fficers on the street believe we operate to how we actually do things and dealing with mr jo public at the first point of contact. I have found that most officers believe we just ask basic 5W questions and like mokeys type the info, thats not the case at all. A "simple" burglary will generally involve a minimum 12 questions throught the initial logging and this is just a basic national framework standard. Then you have to couple that with the legal knowledge of defining a burglary at first point of contact and also then giving correct relevant csiu advice etc to the MoP who will have only ever experienced a police call from watching the bill and had csiu advice from watching CSI Miami. I am always amazed and bemused to see how a police officer that comes into comms for a sit in session comes in with a "this must be an easy job attitude" to leaving wondering how the hell we do it from time to time. Now after a year i think ive been around the block and had my fair share of "doozys" from the surreal, to the unreal to the down right horrific *of which i will not go into detail" I guess the whole point of this first blog is to highlight what a specific, skilled role it is to be able to deal with people over the phone and ensure the information is right for those officers to deal with on the streets. I hope those officers and specials take on board that it is very hard to work in comms and i would emplore any officer and encourage them to take a go ToD within comms and listen in. You might be surprised! Regards



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