Fun Stuff

Probably one of the most important qualities of a police officer is a sense of humour... here you'll find a few bits and pieces of police-related humour I've found on my travels through the internet!

Please use the links to the left to explore some of the lighter side of policing, both as a special, and as a regular. There is plenty to chuckle at and heaven knows there are times when we all need something to put a smile on our faces.

Latest Quirky News

Bungling Basildon burglar calls cops after botched robbery

Robber dialled 999 after becoming 'impaled' in shutters.

Officer's bad parking caught by Google Maps

Police have been given parking advice after a member of the public spotted the image.

Burglar writes police 'can't catch me' at scene - they can

Kent Police get fingerprints from the pen he used and the glass of squash he helped himself to.

Chancellor suggests his favourite song is called 'F*** the Police'

George Osborne has recently recalled the time he went to an NWA concert and invited Dr Dre round for tea.

Bobby on the beat wows crowd with street drum solo

Video of probationer whacking out a drum solo on pots and pans has been watched nearly 3,000 times.

Officer pleads for New Zealand move after England's disastrous world cup

Sgt Taylor already has 'the most enviable policing post in the UK' but has had enough of working on English shores.

Substance user's bid to get his drugs back fails

Cain McCarthy appealed to Belfast County Court in an effort to get back 63 tablets police had seized from him.

'Instructor' and student arrested for drink drving

Both men were pulled over in Southampton and found to be nearly three times over the limit.