Fun Stuff

Probably one of the most important qualities of a police officer is a sense of humour... here you'll find a few bits and pieces of police-related humour I've found on my travels through the internet!

Please use the links to the left to explore some of the lighter side of policing, both as a special, and as a regular. There is plenty to chuckle at and heaven knows there are times when we all need something to put a smile on our faces.

Latest Quirky News

Force's rainbow car 'not gay enough'

Sussex Police's multi-coloured vehicle was showed off at this year's gay pride event.

WWII veteran beats would-be burglar with his walking stick

Burglar leaves empty handed after ex-serviceman gave him a "right old smack".

Thief who pinched more than £900 of honey nicked by City cops

Waiter from Tower Hamlets had penchant for the food but made the mistake of wearing the same clothes multiple times.

Driver jailed after driving around in a smoke filled car

The 21-year-old laughed hysterically as his friend set off a fire extinguisher in the passenger seat.

Officers stop traffic to escort duck family to safety

The duck and her nine ducklings were helped across the busy road.

Police officers 'love baby owls', admits force

Sassy owl photographed standing in the middle of a road proves a hit on social media.

Touching moment police officer buys food for homeless man

Sergeant Erica Hay then joined him on the kerb.

Five alternative uses for water cannon

The current plan is to hold onto them in an expensive secret location for training but here's some better ideas...