Fun Stuff

Probably one of the most important qualities of a police officer is a sense of humour... here you'll find a few bits and pieces of police-related humour I've found on my travels through the internet!

Please use the links to the left to explore some of the lighter side of policing, both as a special, and as a regular. There is plenty to chuckle at and heaven knows there are times when we all need something to put a smile on our faces.

Latest Quirky News

Traffic cop makes shock pull over proposal

A Texan police officer got his work mates to stage the mock detention of his wife so he could ask her to marry him.

Burglar hides in ceiling, lands near cop

Attempted robber in the USA did not make a smoking getaway.

Police catch 'tomb raiders' with £38 million antique collection

After a 14-year investigation culminating a number of warehouse raids, police uncover huge haul of antiques stolen by a gang of looters.

Man in watermelon mask scares passengers

Beijing commuters were alarmed to share their ride home with a man with fruit on his head.

You live in Norway - expect snow, say police

A force in Agder receives calls from residents who report problems caused by the countries usual weather condtions.

Skateboarding dog disperses angry protesters

Crowds gathered outside a Ukrainian city hall were mesmerised by the British bulldog's tricksand then went home.

Basketball star Shaquille O'Neal turns police officer

Former Miami Heat player will mostly be conducting work in the community and hopes to become a role model for children.

Telephone 'kidnap' scam fails to convince police

Fraudsters make three calls to separate officers claiming they had their son and would beat him unless they paid £25,000.