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Probably one of the most important qualities of a police officer is a sense of humour... here you'll find a few bits and pieces of police-related humour I've found on my travels through the internet!

Please use the links to the left to explore some of the lighter side of policing, both as a special, and as a regular. There is plenty to chuckle at and heaven knows there are times when we all need something to put a smile on our faces.

Latest Quirky News

Burglar arrested after winning police doughnut eating contest

The sugary, triumphant face of Bradley Hardison was recognised by the force after he consumed eight doughnuts in two minutes.

Boy arrested for 'killing dinosaur'

Teenager's school assignment ends in an interview with officers and his locker being searched.

Chief constable ice bucket challenge round up

Chief officers of police forces across the UK join the ice bucket challenge craze that's taking social media by storm.

Investigation probes 'expensive pedicure'

Offenders indulge in expensive criminal damage prank as they give statue's toenails the once over with varnish.

Teenager wore mugshot t-shirt for mugshot

Officers astonished to find suspect wearing garment featuring photo of previous custody appearance.

Ranked: The top 10 fictional detectives

As part of Police Oracle.com's 'Ranked' series we've compiled a list of the top ten fictional detectives.

Rugby club raid proves misguided

Players give chase to suspects after dressing room sees property go missing.

Camera shy suspect's reaction is a picture

Face of uninvited houseguest - which makes for an extraordinary photo - is made public by police.