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Fun Stuff

Probably one of the most important qualities of a police officer is a sense of humour... here you'll find a few bits and pieces of police-related humour I've found on my travels through the internet!

Please use the links to the left to explore some of the lighter side of policing, both as a special, and as a regular. There is plenty to chuckle at and heaven knows there are times when we all need something to put a smile on our faces.

Latest Quirky News

Police warn against 'romantic engagements' while driving

Force issues warning after pulling over semi-naked man who was romantically involved with woman whilst driving.

Police go potty over missing plant

Neighbourhood Policing Team receive criticism in their hyperbolic response to reports of a missing plant pot.

Police called as dictator haircut row escalates

Officers confirm they have received a call over hair salon's North Korea leader ad.

GMP responds to criminal's taunt

Greater Manchester Police come out on top as they apprehend criminal who doubted their ability to locate him.

Thief who swallowed evidence hospitalised

Alleged criminal who tried to dispose of incriminating items in stomach requires surgery.

Drunken intruder caught with pants around his ankles

Burglar shouted 'what are you doing?' as he's on the toilet part way through ransacking someone's home.

Man arrested for impersonating officer at a funeral

Bogus officer led a procession and even helped direct traffic.

Fish thief stashes swag in sports bag

Darlington man thought the Ghost Carp could survive without water for a day.