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BTP Recruitment Campaign - Is there more to come soon?

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The opportunities within the 'Police Officer 2018' campaign are tempting, but with me living in North Ayrshire I would find it difficult to move to the likes of Leeds, Hull, Manchester etc. because my life is here. I do however have scope for relocation. I can't see the BTP recruiting in Scotland at any point in the future now due to the ongoing politics (although to my understanding the merger is planned for 2019, so there must be time for one last hurrah in D-Division surely?), so my compromise would be the far north of England. More specifically Carlisle. It's a shame Carlisle was not included in this current campaign!!

What do you think the chances are for the BTP to recruit for Police Constable vacancies in a) Scotland (I know, it's a wild card), and b) Carlisle in the next 5 or 6 months?

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