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  1. Introduction

    Thanks! That's exactly what I was thinking. I am hoping among all that being a Special Constable will help me gain broader experience's to answer the competency questions when applying for the regulars. When I applied to the regular's last year with Police Scotland, and despite going in with 'X' 'Y' and 'Z' for my 'stronger' competencies (the ones in which I feel I have good experience) I still felt it was just luck with the question they give you and that one of your examples may fit when answering
  2. Has anyone here made the transition, or is currently making the transition from Special Constable to Police Officer with Police Scotland or any other force? I am considering doing so myself. Last year my Police Officer application was unsuccessful at the Initial Interview stage with Police Scotland; and since I have been working on my competencies, some of which I feel I have a vast experience but others I feel my experience is minimum and to pass the respective questions to the competencies I may need to get 'lucky' with the question that they ask hoping my example can fit. What I am interested to know is; having made, or are making the process of transitioning from Special Constable to Police Officer do you feel the experience gained as a Special Constable has helped you when answering the competency questions during the initial and final interviews during the Police Officer selection process? Thanks in advance!
  3. Introduction

    Hello. I am new to this site, although I do come from the sister forum UK Police Online. I have joined to interact with those interested in joining the Police Service, more specifically the Special Constabulary as I am considering the Specials myself before trying again for the regulars.