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  1. Self Defence Against a Home Intruder

    I am sorry but I completely disagree with everything you've said there. The incident took place in a private dwellingplace where I was sleeping; I picked up the closest thing I could have used for self defence. I did not pick up a knife and walk towards a fight. Furthermore, this is a non-locking bladed article with a length of under 3 inches. The military kit list includes a knife of the aforementioned nature and we are recommended to have one with whilst undertaking military training. A drill night (which I had attended the night prior, hence why I had the knife with me) forms part of the military training syllabus for reservists. I had a very clear idea what was going on! The first sentence I wrote in this thread states "... one of his housemates comes running up the stairs shouting that an intruder has just walked in and was following her up the stairs." How does that not justify arming oneself? Especially when I could hear this particular guy chanting nonsense away to himself. A dwellinghouse is not a public place. It really would help if you read things properly. That's right. The knife isn't kept for self-defence, I only carry it to / from military duties. Cheers for the reply! I understand that it's not the best thing to arm yourself with, but it's all I could have used. I was essentially backed into a corner. Short of bludgeoning him with my boots, there was nothing else I could've done if I were attacked. However, when you're aware there's an intruder following a housemate up the stairs, chanting jibberish (and then when you finally have sight of him, he's got his hands in his pockets) what else can you do?
  2. I was at my partner's house when one of his housemates comes running up the stairs shouting that an intruder has just walked in and was following her up. By the time I had jumped out of bed and come around from the confusion, he was stood at the top of the stairs chanting all sorts of nonsense, with his hands in his pockets. I am an army reservist and had travelled to my partner's house straight from drill night, which I have every Tuesday. As part of my equipment I have a utility knife with a non-fixed blade. I immediately grabbed this and phoned 999 (it took quite a while to get through to the police unfortunately, budget cuts eh...) whilst warning him off. I kept the knife withdrawn but hidden so as to not escalate the situation if he indeed was armed; he was clearly high as a kite and mentally disturbed. He eventually high-tailed it out of the house and attacked the front door for a few moments and then left. The police arrived fairly quickly and I jumped in their car and we found him further up the street, he got nicked; job done. As I understand the law in relation to self-defence against intruders in your home, it must be reasonable (which makes zero sense to me, even as somebody who has done a law degree - it just doesn't make sense, to me, that the law isn't black and white in this situation... but that's a discussion for another day.) Thankfully, the law is on the side of the defender in situations such as these, largely. As I understand the law, you cannot own anything with an intended use as a weapon for self defence or otherwise. Though, what is the law in relation to equipping household items and even, in my case, a potentially deadly weapon just in case you've got to defend yourself? For all I know, this guy (who the police later confirmed to be mentally disturbed and under the influence) could have had a knife, a needle or anything else. In this case, I would have to have acted in-order to defend myself and others. So... what would then have been reasonable? If he withdrew a deadly weapon, would I then be entitled to use lethal force? Where would I stand in the eyes of the law? It is not owned for the purpose of being a weapon, I own it as it is part of my equipment and I had it with me as I had traveled from barracks to my partner's house. I was absolutely not willing to wait and see what he had (if anything) or for something to happen before then choosing something to defend myself with. I see what I did as reasonable; to be awoken to screaming and shouting that someone has entered your home and is walking up the stairs, whilst chanting away to himself, throws up so many warning signs.
  3. I can't post in any force-specific forums, so I had to make this here. I've applied and passed the paper-sift and shortlisting stage. On the North Yorks website, it says this -- Now, I am away from 8 September until 1 October on military exercise, so I cannot attend any of these. I've got nobody to contact at NYP and I can't find an email address to contact them with general recruitment queries. Does anybody know if this will prevent me being successful with my application? It seems a bit silly to outright deny me because I am away for all of these dates, I would be willing to come along as soon as I get back if necessary, to undertake a one-on-one familiarisation. What even is a familiarisation evening? I'd be slightly annoyed if it's a case of showing up, watching a PowerPoint, listening to a short presentation, asking any questions you have and then going home. Cheers
  4. I'd always wanted to be in the police as a kid, and a friend of mine is a Special in the Lancs Constab and him talking about it all the time has persuaded me to apply myself, in North Yorkshire! I thought I'd introduce myself and ask a few questions. I'm an Army Reservist at present, I understand that this isn't a restricted occupation, however I've heard that military commitment "takes priority"... what does that mean? I ask mainly because I have military training throughout the whole of September and that's when the North Yorks familiarisation events take place, so I won't be able to attend any of them - is an exception likely to be made, or another arrangement which will allow me to attend a one-on-one familiarisation? I'd be gutted if I'm unsuccessful this time around purely because I'm away! Cheers, ljms