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  1. Hi, I have step siblings from my father's first marriage and I think one of them may have a conviction against him for theft and went to prison. Thing is, my side of the family has had almost no contact with that side ever since I was born to the point where I can barely provide much more than their names and date of births ( which are mostly guesses). how much do you guys think this will hurt me..?
  2. Interview news

    Hi all, Just finished my interview yesterday and hate to say it, it didn't go as well as I was hoping. Had tons of prep, but I think I wanted it so bad that nerves kicked in. My mind went blank twice, and though I think I got a few good points in, I may have waffled a bit. not feeling good about it at all. was wondering, does anyone know how fussy they are with interviews? I'm fairly certain I gave some good answers and demonstrated a good understanding of the role, it's just that I was asked a couple of easy questions and it may have seemed like I was struggling..
  3. TVP Special Asessment Day

    Hi! I'm due to attend the assessment centre in Sulhamstead in a couple of weeks. Does anyone have any useful info they could share? They've given me a quick break down of what to expect on the day with my interview confirmation ( no sign of a maths test, thankfully!) but was curious of the chances of there being any surprises? Would love to hear from any current specials in the TVP cheers