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  1. April intake

    Carnt wait. Thing we should do it in full kit so it's more real.
  2. April intake

    Easiest. Lol. Don't forget no McDonald's or you maybe eating it twice. Lol. Have you seen the email ref lvp??
  3. April intake

    Just sent it to the correct email and had an automatic response back. May poss get it in next months instead. Fingers crossed.
  4. April intake

    I'm same. But I have just checked sent emails and guess what. I sent it to sandy. Don't think I will be getting any expenses for last month. How's everyone's pre reads going?
  5. April intake

    Are they like glass yet? Do you fancy cleaning mine as well for a small fee!! If we ask do you think we might get bacon butties and brew. Ha ha lol.
  6. April intake

    Bacon butties and a brew after. Lol
  7. April intake

    Think so. How about you, ready for the early morning run !! Guess we have to take our belts ?
  8. April intake

    Might be wrong with what am saying but have a look around Kay street/Kent road. Not sure if it's resident parking or anything but you used to be able to. Times change though.
  9. April intake

    Carnt wait !!
  10. April intake

    No. Was going to try one of them again and see if it's because it wasn't set up but then again is it a waste of time. Does beaker know ? Not looking forward to this weekend. How's about you.
  11. April intake

    Think it'syourhigher score that counts.
  12. April intake

    Done it three times. Got 38% first time. Lol.
  13. April intake

    Do you know if anyone else is having problems with the knowledge check and pre-reads for dt2 chaps.
  14. April intake

    I better enquire about getting an oxygen tank. Lol
  15. April intake

    Do we do that run every time?