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  1. April intake

    Yes I understand that , just heard that some stations you use a pool radio rather than issued one personally
  2. April intake

    So is it a personal issue radio or a pool radio?
  3. April intake

    When we get issued radio at division do we automatically get given an earpiece and is that then ours . Not pool ( both radio and earpiece)
  4. April intake

    Feel free to take my place if you like beaker lol
  5. April intake

    Ha ha . Thanks for the reminder, I had totally forgotten about that 😭
  6. April intake

    Fitness test tomorrow 😜. Who's looking forward to it lol
  7. April intake

    Yes no McDonald's or fry up this weekend. Muesli and energy bars lol. I don't understand the email totally. Is it gonna make a massive difference to us does anyone think
  8. April intake

    I think this lot of pre reads is the easiest ones to take in so far lol
  9. April intake

    Who do you speak too and on what no please?
  10. April intake

    I emailed them last night to confirm if they had received my original email and I never got an automatic reply 😔
  11. April intake

    Hmmm. Wonder why I not had them yet then. Hopefully may be in tomorrow
  12. April intake

    Which is the right one sandv or sandy . All mine are green at the bottom of duty sheet as well but thinking I've sent my details to wrong email
  13. April intake

    Could someone confirm the email address that the bank details form should have been sent to. I think I may have got it wrong . I sent it to , should it be sandv or sandy ?
  14. April intake

    There's nothing on there to say any have been rejected
  15. April intake

    Yes did all that and still not had anything yet