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  1. Met Borough Choices

    Fair play to you. I'm sure your specials experience will only help you when you do sit your skippers exam.
  2. Met Borough Choices

    What do you want to do post probation? Being in a borough like Hackney, Tower Hamlets or Newham will look better if you want to go do something like Trojan or TSG. If you're wanting to do your skippers exam post probation then it will make little difference tbh. Different strokes for different folks!
  3. MSC and the New Policing Model

    @Indiana JonesI have been asked to cover a shift in the past so that a regular officer could get annual leave.I gladly did so, but in theory I should never have been asked to do it. In my borough at the moment those of us who are regular attenders predominantly augment regular response teams. Not that there are many regular attenders of course but there you go. I guesstimate roughly 20-25% of our whatsapp group are regular attenders, by that I mean a) people who do their hours every month and b) do their hours in a genuine way; ie operational shifts/actual duties. @Londonbased i am in total agreement with you. After all 7 months post attestation you will have forgotten most of your training. I genuinely think that she was trying to see if she could just get away with using her oyster card and not turning up. In other boroughs with worse admin/a lack of MSC supervisors I'm sure there are people with even longer records of "non attendance." My MSC sergeant has on at least one occasion I know of had to physically go to someone's house and get their warrant card and oyster card off them. I'm sure he's had to do it more than once since I've been on borough. I say that unless you have cleared a leave of absence with your MSC supervisor, after 3 months of non attendance you should be given an ultimatum of "turn up or give your warrant card in." The whole UPP procedure is totally impractical for specials and is more geared to the regulars.
  4. MSC and the New Policing Model

    @Londonbased I forgot to add the third type of MSC bod; the people who are making up for an inadequacy/doing it for ego related purposes. The best kind of special tends to be type 1; but they either end up joining the met full time/another police force or they do a few years and leave. To be fair I think the drop in MSC numbers also has a lot to do with the fact that during the recession it was the only way to get into the Met to join full time. There are those that still join to get around London residency and join full time, but equally with many other police forces around the country recruiting regularly (including big ones like GMP, West Yorks and PSNI) coupled with the rising cost of living in the M25 area reduces the amount of keen MSC bods considerably further. What is particularly worrying is that the proposed cuts to the Met rely on having MSC turn up and augment regular response teams. Out of the 50 or so MSC in my borough whatsapp group, a whopping 7 or so of us go out with team.
  5. MSC and the New Policing Model

    I think the primary issue with us specials is that MSC sergeants are neither competent enough and/or do not have adequate time to manage those they supposedly "line manage." I am now attached to a regular response team for all intents and purposes on my borough which I am enjoying and will help me develop my compentency. Out of the four special sgts in my borough, only one of them (my line manager) does anything approaching the actual remit of his/her job. To be quite frank he seems to spend a lot of his time chasing individuals who don't turn up - as a recent example there was a girl who had attested 7 months previously and had still not done a single duty/turned up. Her excuse was "work" despite having a fairly menial job. The MSC seems to attract two types of people these days - the very keen who are possibly looking at becoming regulars, and those who are looking to get free TFL.
  6. Declaration to force?

    I would say if in doubt declare. Talking to your supervisor will take two minutes of your time and it's always best to be overly honest in these situations.
  7. I feel that one of the downsides about the Met being such a vast family is the (obvious) larger number of people that bring the service into disrepute. I see from the article that the job dismissed him ten years ago or so thank god!
  8. Experiences at Hendon

    @Disguised I think there are a variety of reasons for MSC numbers being low at the moment. Motivated people will always put up with cr*p training if they want to do a role: 1. It's now pretty dangerous to be in uniform on the streets of London. 2. There is now more of a crack down on people who have attested and got their warrant card plus oyster but don't turn up enough/at all (a good thing). 3. Less people are wanting to join the Met in general (even as full time PCs). They seem to always be advertising for recruitment. As many people use the MSC as a way in to the Met due to the London residency requirement this has a corresponding effect on MSC numbers. 4. The economy is better than it was in 2008-2013. See number 3.
  9. Experiences at Hendon

    I did the weekend course. In the current format that is 20 days over 12 weekends. I learnt a lot but as you say felt undertrained. The ELS and OST was good but the classroom based elements of the course were often pretty bad. I think this was to do with the fact that many members of police staff couldn't be bothered on a weekend... If I had been between jobs at the time I would have done the four week intensive course for sure.
  10. Special run over and in hospital..........

    I hope the culprits are dealt with swiftly and a speedy recovery to the officer concerned. Unacceptable behaviour.
  11. Choosing where you police

    I'm a special in the Met but obviously there are similarities in it being a large geographical area like GM. If you are being asked to special in an area which is unreasonably far away from where you live and/or work you should definitely have a case to make re moving boroughs. Are you still in training? If so it may be best to raise this with your training team/sergeant as opposed to HR.
  12. Self Defence Against a Home Intruder

    Do you mean a gerber type kit knife @ljms? If so to be fair a lot of service personnel have it stowed on their webbing. He was in your partner's house so not a public domain. Not a massive deal methinks and that could be construed as reasonable force. You didn't shoot him in the back or anything.
  13. @SC Will I go to a crossfit gym owned and operated by a met police officer. The business itself is a limited company so it;s definitely possible to do.
  14. I've seen the work that my immediate line manager (a special sgt does) and tbh I'm not interested. The poor bloke seems to spend half his time chasing people who haven't done their hours/trying to get warrant cards off non attenders. That, coupled with the politics that seems endemic to the MSC hierarchy puts me right off. If I end up staying a special and continuing in IT I want it as an antidote/something different to the day job. I'm fortunate to have a very good special sergeant - one of the other ones on the borough is awful and representative of what is wrong with some special sergeants. @Polizist hahahaha. It could have been worse I guess!!!! We were also reminded of appropriate terms of address at attestation.
  15. 56% of the MSC not completing their hours

    We don't do PAC anymore, only SOROCs. I think the response team rules/guidelines vary by borough and by skipper. I can totally understand why in Hackney and Tower Hamlets they want you to do a few shifts and maybe get a few things in your SOROC signed off before you go out with two regulars on response (no single crewing at my gaff). If you are in a nice borough which isn't as known for machetes and gangs then yes you will probably be able to go out with response from the get go.