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  1. West Mercia specials course 22nd April

    Thanks for your replies guys ! Sounds good, looking forward to starting ! Regards !
  2. Hi Thanks for your reply's in advance ! Im starting on the next specials training course on the 22nd of April at Hindlip, very excited ! Just wondering what to expect ? What normally happens on the first day ? From speaking to a friend of mine, he seemed to think we get our uniforms, is this correct, if so what should I expect to receive? Thanks for your time !
  3. vetting, medical and references.

    Thanks for your reply, I was asked at the A/C centre where id like to be based, I requested Kidderminster. Cant wait to get started, are you aware of any training intakes that are coming up?
  4. Hi guys thanks for your help in advance, Ive just passed the A/C centre for west mercia, really pleased. Ive now been told all that's left to do is complete my medical, vetting and references. Just wondering how long this usually takes and what I can expect to happen from this point onwards ? Thanks guys !
  5. Hi guys , thanks for your help in advance. Im applying to West Mercia Police as a special constable. Ive recently been told that my application has been 'successfully shortlisted' and they'll be in touch with regards to the next stage shortly. Without getting too excited, does this mean my application has been accepted ?
  6. Initial Application

    Hi Mate Thanks for your reply! Il make sure i honestly disclose everything on my application form. How hard is the process from this point now ? How long did it take you from your initial application ? Thanks for your time !
  7. Initial Application

    Hi Guys Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer me. Im just in the process of applying for a position as a special in West Mercia police. Ive managed to pass the Apollo assessments online. Ive now been presented with an application to complete online. Is there any advice you could offer me ? Im a university Student in my final year studying Law. Im also an Adult football referee And im 21 years of age Any advice would be appreciate, thanks !
  8. Introduction

    Hi New member on the site. Hoping to become a special with West Mercia Police. Currently in the application process. Will be looking for some help/advice in the future.