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  1. Qualifications

    You can get an emergency first aid certificate/ heartstart equivalent, but above that not sure.
  2. SC RPU Officers

    Thanks Old Hand very interesting stuff, nice to see Specials being used for different roles!
  3. Training

    Staffordshire, had to leave because I worked for the Private Prison Service, Conflict of Interest
  4. Training

    Struggled with that one, I pulled some information from the PCC pages around the value for money and then linked it back to the Chief Officers role? I couldn't put much to be honest. was difficult.
  5. Training

    I read the links and then reworded them to make sure that I understood them. was there any other bits you were stuck with?
  6. Training

    Yes managed to complete and send back, how have you got on with yours?
  7. SC RPU Officers

    What do roads policing specials do? what would a typical shift include for them
  8. Boots

    Lowas all the way, think steel toes are a big no most places because of the damage they can cause, in the Prison only Tornado officers wore them when on deployment not on the landings for example, and when I have served as a special before we were advised not to wear steel toes and this wasn't West Mercia, hope this helps
  9. kit bags

    Tactical jack stuff is really good, I have used before in the Police and the Prison service, hard wearing, they are a little pricey though, depends on how much you want to spend!!
  10. Best book for revision

    is this for regular or specials?
  11. Prison Service Jobs

    Private sector normally have campaigns running, depends on whether you are dead set on working Public sector or not?
  12. Fitness test prep

    Lots of Cardio I run 5 miles 5 times a week, not for everyone I know but I find outside running quite good and less dull than being in the gym
  13. first shift

    Learn as much as you can, and simply enjoy the experience!! Good Luck!
  14. Training

    Telford and Wrekin for me. Look forward to seeing you on the course!
  15. Training

    Great nice to speak to others on course where will you be based?