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  1. Assessment Day Oct 2016

    Ah good luck with your Police Scotland application, HO policing is certainly a good way to go as it's a very varied and dynamic role. I live in close proximity to Hunterston and i've noticed the CNC have a very active presence within the local area so it would be ideal for me to work in a familiar community. I personally chose the CNC over HO because I currently work in a counter terrorism security role and i'm also attracted to the quiet and mellow nature of the job....... until it really hits the fan of course😂
  2. Assessment Day Oct 2016

    I actually found the experience as a whole to be pretty chilled. The day started with a few presentations about the CNC regarding training, career progression, shift patterns etc. They also explained the realities of working in the CNC and being an AFO- basically making sure you're not under any illusion that the CNC is like traditional policing. The panel interview was understandably quite intense and formal but the rest of the day was very relaxed and all the CNC staff were very friendly and helpful. It was also good to chat with fellow applicants and find out about their backgrounds and whatnot. Do you think you will be re-applying in the future?
  3. Assessment Day Oct 2016

    Thanks mate, I passed AC back in January so now just waiting for medical and vetting so hopefully they go smoothly and I'll start training soon
  4. Assessment Day Oct 2016

    Hi again, how did you get on at the assessment centre?
  5. Were you able to get any information from HR regarding this? Also does anyone know if college/university attendance records are counted towards the total absence score, Thanks.
  6. Assessment Day Oct 2016

    Thanks for the info. I applied on the 29/08/16 for Hunterston but haven't heard anything back yet so i've just been twiddling my thumbs waiting for a response. I reckon it has to be one of the longest recruitment processes I've ever heard of but definitely worth the wait if successful......fingers crossed
  7. Assessment Day Oct 2016

    Hi, just out of curiosity when did you apply and how long did it take to get a response from HR? Good luck with your assessment
  8. Introduction

    Hey, I'm an aspiring police officer looking to learn about the force I intend to apply to. Having read some of the forums I decided I would sign up to allow me to interact with other members and to be a part of this great community.