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  1. Your guide to VETTING

    For people like myself, who are unaware if there is a need to disclose information, because of not knowing if something that happened was recorded for example... Would it be a good idea to visit a police station and request any data that is held about you? Surely this would bring up any warnings etc which you would need to disclose? Or would the information they provide not be useful? Thanks
  2. Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum so apologies if I have messed up. I have a question about business interests as I am abit confused and worried at the moment. One of the interests that could specifically be a problem to me is to do with holding or being related to someone holding a liqueur licence. I do not have much knowledge around this and to what extent it is enforced. Now, I am currently in the process of applying to become a Special but my parents own a newsagents shop with an 'off-licence', we live in a flat above the shop. The shop however is not in the force area to which I am applying to and I am not named at all on the licence although I do work there occasionally but just to help out with the family business. I stated on my initial application that my parents own a shop with the off-licence under the business interests section, and I managed to pass the shortlisting. So my question is, do you think this is likely to be a problem? I hope I have been clear enough and thanks in anticipation , Baz
  3. Introductions

    Hi, I am interested in joining the forum because I am currently in the process of applying to become a Special Constable in SWP and this is a great place to get more information about what the role is about!