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  1. Pocket Notebook Queries

    All my own "work" there. He was unhappy with the quality of the free taxi ride afterwards.
  2. Pocket Notebook Queries

    Odd, we got issued a leather PNC cover. My PNB is still slightly dogged up, and has blood on the pages though.
  3. 2017 Applications are open

    Chief Officer announced this morning they would be opening up applications on December 1st.
  4. Not sure, I know a couple of serving coppers who have second jobs, but I think they needed to get someone's permission to do it. Check The Police Regulations, and see if your force allows it.
  5. Bingo. You can gamble, you can bet, you can play bingo if that floats your boat. However you can't have an income from a gambling business, or plan on having an income from one.
  6. It's clearer if you take it as " have an interest in obtaining a gambling licence, or currently have a gambling licence".
  7. Dutysheet app

    That would be interesting, but likely futile. MS have basically abandoned Windows Phones now, and supposedly the next update will be "Full" windows instead of Windows Phone 10. I liked WP, and it was awesome. 7 and 8 were great, but they started taking features out rather than adding new ones. I swapped my Lumia 930 out for an LG Flex2, and now a Huawei P9 because I was getting annoyed at MS.
  8. distant family with convictions

    I declared a relative with a conviction for Possession with Intent. They looked into it, and as I have little to do with him vetting passed me. I think it's on a case by case basis.
  9. Dutysheet app

    Do you have a suggestions box type thing? I'd love to be able to save my journeys for duties so I don't have to double check them every time. It's why I use the website for booking duties and booking off rather than the app.
  10. Seems fair, in the dim and distant past my father demanded I did some Motorway lessons after I passed my test. He refused to insure me until I did as he considered it a basic driving essential I had zero experience of.
  11. Advanced Driving

    My SC interview lasted nearly an hour and a half. Came out feeling like i'd been through the mill. Most people seem to have had 30 minutes and done. No roleplays though.
  12. Advanced Driving

    With my force being an SC doesn't improve your chances as much as people think. You're still required to go through the application process, you just happen to have a bit more of an idea what the police do. TBH It's worth it for the experience, and to see if you'd get on with it. I may apply to the regs, I may not. Have to see howI feel when the application process opens up.
  13. Advanced Driving

    Yeah, every force is a little bit different. Our regs are tied up heavily with ongoing long term protests at a particular site. So they're stretched thin. SCs are being used to fill gaps where possible. I'm about 65% through my PDP, in 3 months of activity. Need toto hit it a bit harder, but as I'm not allowed to go out with RPU, do custody or in fact anything but IR and set events it's going to be difficult.
  14. Advanced Driving

    Northern force, and I work the drug death capital of Britain. So as busy as you're going to expect it to be. Patch I work on is fairly varied as I don't work the central area except events. I'm told the people doing that area walk everywhere, while those on my patch get driven for the most part. Though the reg SGTs keep asking me if I'm IP and have my A-B as they're that level of busy.
  15. Advanced Driving

    TBH it won't make a huge difference if your force policy is that specials walk or go double crew. Most SCs I hear about use their boots more than a car key, but in our force they like us to do LOTS of IR rather than just working events. The Reg Supervision likes a double crew in a van if they can get it.