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  1. What do you make of this?

    What happened prior to this being taken?
  2. hahhh i havent looked yet but omg!!!
  3. i swear half my hair has gone
  4. good luck hope it all goes ok
  5. Yeahhh I don't envy you there!
  6. Level 2 PO Rank Sliders

    I would have thought that a regular skipper's say so would be sufficient on this matter for it to be OK?
  7. Life goes on I try not to focus on the end, focus on the inbetween because the inbetween bit is where you prepare for the end!
  8. strange one

    The positive from this is that they're now processing your application, so congratulations.
  9. Greys help required...

    Im not familiar with your area but a cursory google for "greys police station" comes up with the following: Grays Police Station - Police Force in Grays RM17 5BX Warwickshire Police, Warwick, Greys Mallory Traffic Base, Europa Way Greys Mallory Police Patrol Centre - Bishops Tachbrook, EnglandHope this helps.. ?
  10. well that was the hardest thing ive ever done haha