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  1. Torch

    TVP. Ha! Search is over after your post. To be clear I've not bought anything and wasn't planning to. But trying to budget (boots, etc). Want to get my bearings then get input after attestation, assuming I make it there. Intake is later in November (just waiting on vetting, everything else was passed as of this morning!).
  2. Torch

    Oh, not looking for something obnoxiously bright. Knowing me, I'd leave it on the high setting and blind myself when using it to check someone's ID. Sounds like TVP provides more than most!
  3. Torch

    Medical - Thanks for that. I saw in the old 2007 thread in the pinned post that you also praised the Surefire 6P back then. Must be something right about it! The 6PX Pro is what I can find online. Doesn't seem like a rechargeable unit, how often are you finding the need to change the batteries?
  4. Torch

    Hello! I was curious as to which torch people use for duty. I'll have to purchase one in a couple of months and would like to hear what works, what doesn't and what are gimmicks that you regret getting.
  5. Finally after 4 years

    Well done! You've now four years of more life experience to help make you an even better Special
  6. Failed medical...BMI

    Just wanted to add, a BMI of 25-30 is considered overweight by this system, 30.1 and higher is considered obese (source). Some people mentioned 35, this would put an individual in the "severely obese" category by those who devised this system. As to how accurate, valid (especially for people outside the "normal" height range, as well as those with a lot of muscle mass), I won't comment
  7. Intro from an aspiring SC

    Hello! I'm currently in the application process to become a Special Constable with an interview scheduled. So still a very long way to go and anything can happen but it's been interesting so far, learning a lot just from the process. Prior to applying I talked to a Regular Constable at some length, attended an information session, read numerous documents on here. In addition, to prepare for the interview I have been through a variety of documents (e.g. code of ethics, annual and planning docs from the force to which I applied for their values, objectives, etc.). It's also pushing me to get back into proper shape quite rapidly Thanks for reading! F.