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  1. Assessment Centre last Saturday

    Recruitment all done mate - I'm down in Kent. Just had first weekend of training.
  2. Medical report

    From handing my forms in to my doctor to me collecting them took just under 3 weeks and I had the green light from OHU the same day they got them (but that would be force specific, and I did drop them off in person rather than by post).
  3. August Intake

    Just wondering if there was anyone else reading these forums in the same boat as me - starting training in August??
  4. ac results

    Good luck!!
  5. A/C 13th August

    Relax! If your assessment is the same as mine make sure you can hear the audio recordings properly! For the interview, make sure you know the core competencies and have real life examples that demonstrate these values. My advice would be make sure they are real, the more integrity you can have in your answer the better! Be honest and remember why you wanted to sign up and convey that passion! Most of all smile and enjoy - doing a very honourable thing!
  6. assessment centre results

    Had my assessment with Kent some weeks ago - I personally found out two days later!! I've found that different aspects take varying amounts of time to hear about, emailed yesterday about one and the lady is on annual leave! I wouldn't worry just use the time to build the excitement even more!
  7. assessment centre doubts

    I have to say I did as well - my hand writting has always been very small particularly when trying to write at pace! I managed to finish all the written exercises but left thinking perhaps I could of and should of written more. However, two days latter got confirmation had past all the tests and invite to my medical screening - so if I my small experience is anything to go I wouldn't worry about it too much. I'm sure that at this stage in the process people's writing might not be the best as long as when it comes to your notebook it is readable I think all okay. I had doubts about my interview as well, thought I spoke too much! Speaking to serving officers after some of whom have been involved in recruitment they said fair better to do all the talking providing it is all relevant then have the interviewer give promoting questions, if you can say everything they are after without the need for questions job well done! What force was this for? Regular or Special? Either way good luck!!
  8. New member

    Hi there - new member. Have been browsing the forums for a while whilst completing my specials application thought would finally take the big bold step and join so I can post about my journey!! 23 year old male from Kent, just completed by medical assessment to join Kent SC - currently waiting for the all clear from vetting to start training in August!.