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  1. Dutysheet app

    Ahhh.... Yes, we use an online portal called ESIBS? From the log in options it looks like Avon & Somerset, Durham, Warwickshire and West Mercia use it... https://www.esibs.co.uk/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fDashboard.aspx
  2. Dutysheet app

    sorry, but what is duty sheet..?
  3. 'Suspicious' behaviour?

    No.... they weren't..... Are you just trolling for laughs, or are you trying to seem really really dense...!! Can't you see the logic that all these others are trying to explain??
  4. Forgotten items

    Yes Marcus, there does. Although the offence happens at any time when the homeowner realises that the phone is left, but does nothing about it.
  5. Forgotten items

    Hi Y'all. I recently attested and we had exactly the same scenario etc. It is theft. You don't need to be dishonest at the time, but people should take all reasonable means to return property. Like finding a £1 coin on the floor, it's reasonable to look around and maybe ask someone if they dropped it, but if no one pipes up, you can keep it. If it was a briefcase with £50,000 in it, it would be reasonable to hand it in/ask for CCTV/make a bigger deal of it. But it wouldn't be reasonable to bother looking up the CCTV for £1. The homeowner could have quite easily returned it, they didn't, and as such, they have acted dishonestly, with no intention to return... Theft.
  6. First duty tonight - tips

    I had my first shift yesterday! Amazing. Being the passenger for a Grade 1 call and all the traffic stopping for you as you whizz by with sirens on- biggest grin on my face- until I realised we were heading to a domestic, and then I started wee-ing myself a bit.... (I jest....) First arrest in the afternoon of a not particularly nice bloke, wanted on warrant and in breach of his bail conditions. Caught after a footchase and cuffs applied!
  7. mobile phone use penalty

    Tell you what- put your phone in the glove box then you won't be able to reach it to slap that fly. Personally I don't leave the house without a swat....
  8. International copyright law

    Find a solicitor who specialises in this kind of thing. The graphic designer may well have some advice...
  9. West Mercia specials course 22nd April

    Hi Mate. I'm just about to attest from West Mercia course at Hindlip. Started mid Jan. Yes you're right- uniform on the first day (providing stores has had all your stuff delivered). I think there is another thread on here which lists uniform but basically you got everything, minus hitty stick/autolock baton, and stab vest. You may or may not get your epaulettes (we still haven't!!!) and most people were missing at least one piece of kit, which will inevitably get issued to you throughout training. First day- smart casual. Longish day of IT inductions, what is expected of you and what you expect from the course etc etc. You will then, of course, spend the whole of the evening dressing up in front of the mirror and showing off to your friends, family and yourself :D Enjoy
  10. Asp's

    Ewww gross! I've got my second weekend of OST on saturday- batons and handcuffs- I'll let you know how my hands are on Monday!
  11. Potter's Police Videos

    Why not put the camera aside, and come and be a (special) police officer. a) better use of your time and b) you might gain a better understanding of the pressure of the situation...
  12. Potter's Police Videos

    Some of your posts at times would suggest that you are a Special/regular and have experience dealing with matters, whereas actually your a MOP, and using this forum space to rationalize your decisions and actions... Maybe you want it to be an extension of your 'copblocking' as you call it- in the hope that an officer says something or gives advice which is wrong, illegal, or just plain taken out of context!
  13. Potter's Police Videos

    Reading through MPotters previous posts for the past 2 years gives a pretty good idea of what he likes to do with his free time. The majority of users on here like to spend their free time helping out the police by actually being a Police Officer... Some here seem to prefer pretending to be a police officer, giving advice on other scenarios about ABH/GBH/affray, and filming police...! Film all you like pal, it's a little odd, but hey, I'm bloody good looking and look great on camera!
  14. Colleague orders you to assault an MOP

    Another topic where MPotter is trying to bate police officers into making bad decisions, just so his YouTube hits go up... No Police Officer is ever going to call that up on the radio, or would want you to get hurt. Police officers are here to protect you and everyone- why would you antagonize people trying to do a good job!
  15. PCSO Assaults Cameraman

    MPotter- this is very obviously something has happened to you and you seem to want vindication that you're behaving in the right way rather than trying to divert valuable police forces to give you some attention. You're constantly posting about filming, about cop blocking, and I've seen some of your ridiculous videos on youtube. Rather than trying to pretend a hypothetical situation, (i.e. my friend has a drugs problem, where should he go for help = I have a problem but I'm too embarressed to say it myself), why not just come out and say what happened and ask if it was right... If you think people don't see through you, you're in for a bit of a shock...