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  1. Hi everyone, I'm doing my application for BTP specials to work in Scotland but one of the competencies has got me stumped. The question is in part 2 of the competencies and it asks "What specific ideas do you have for ways that you as a BTP officer could better support partners to provide and improved service to rail users?" I feel myself that this is an odd question to ask and it feels like it's more situated for someone who's already working for BTP. Any ideas? James
  2. Hi RM88, can you PM me just wanting to know a little about btp in Scotland
  3. Work Experience

    Currently Carlisle, as that's the only available area that's closest to me. Not bad where about in B Division? There's currently no advertised post for work experience on the careers website. I was told to ask around at the stations by one of the btp staff members
  4. Work Experience

    Thanks, I'm definitely going for the specials. Hopefully going to put my application in this Friday! 😄 I'm currently living in the area of 'D Division' (Scotland), I would be willing to travel around if there's no available chance of work experience here in Scotland.
  5. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows if its possible to do work experience with btp? I read somewhere that you can but I might have been dreaming. its just that I'm considering joining btp as special as I didn't pass my entry exam into Police Scotland. - James
  6. Specials

    Still waiting to hear back if I've been accepted. But I should be on the February intake
  7. Specials

    That's the application away!
  8. Entrance Exam (Police Scotland)

    *last* not "lady" lol
  9. Specials

    Congrats! What division are you looking to serve in?
  10. Specials

    Not yet but I'll get it typed up and sent away this week for the next intake.
  11. Entrance Exam (Police Scotland)

    Ah ok I was just up in 'C' division on the weekend at the Scottish police college. Btw what was the lady specials intake like?
  12. Entrance Exam (Police Scotland)

    Where you based at?
  13. Specials

    I've been told if this helps that the next specials intake is March next year
  14. Entrance Exam (Police Scotland)

    Hi, I've currently not applied yet but I'll probably get the application done by next week. I did speak to one of the special coordinators on Saturday at fettes when they had the police open day and they gave me a lot of insight. I was told on Saturday you get a calculator now
  15. Entrance Exam (Police Scotland)

    Yeah I've had a look at them