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  1. anyone in January intake?

    How are you finding the training sa far?
  2. Got to wait at least another year before I can reapply now.
  3. Will hopefully get some answers next week and see where I can go from there.
  4. Was told last week, didn't know it had gone to RAP again as I had been told I passed my medical and was on the list for a placement. Then I got this call out of the blue. I have taken it further with them as some of the reasons don't make sense to me and want to know why. Will battle it out as much as I can till I get some answers.
  5. No good news for me, just bad. Had a second risk assessment panel after I passed my medical and they have failed me.
  6. When I applied last October I could only choose Sizewell as first then Harwell as second, since then all talk has been about Harwell so I can only assume that's where I would be heading plus it's where I would like to go. When I rang yesterday there was no mention of Harwell, was just told that August had been filled. Was also told by the person I was speaking to that she was going to speak to someone else to find out some more info and get back to me but that didn't happen either.
  7. I think so, although nobody has confirmed this for me.
  8. I also spoke with HR today, wasn't really useful at all as they seemed to think that I'm still waiting for medical results even though I've passed it all. I do wonder sometimes if they actually check your app. Was told that August has been filled and maybe looking at November.
  9. Whenever I have its just been the same response, doesn't get me any further and just get told to wait as it will be "soon"
  10. Any bets on wether this will be the week???
  11. Took about 3 months to get an answer back about mine, hang in there!
  12. Same here, so much on hold until I know what's happening. My work knows the situation and are fine with it, I can't stand being there anymore though and just want to crack on.
  13. Nope, I know they are running medicals at Culham today so maybe hear something after....... Or could just wait and again and think, "maybe next week I'll hear..."