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  1. Bodycam Policy?

    Just sent you a PM.
  2. Bodycam Policy?

    I spoke to my Specials Co-ordinator for my Division a few weeks ago, she gave me a link to some training videos to watch, I confirmed I had done them to her and she had IT set me up on the bodycam system. It might be different in each Division, however, thats how it worked for me. Took about 45mins all in, then about a week wait for IT to sort on their end.
  3. Hep B Vaccination

    According to the NHS website it does (http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/vaccinations/Pages/hepatitis-b-vaccine.aspx): How to get vaccinated against hepatitis B Ask your GP to vaccinate you, or visit any sexual health or genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic for the hepatitis B vaccination.
  4. Hep B Vaccination

    I fully agree, the 'low risk' in inverted commas was how it had been played off from my GP, which I wasn't buying for a second. I'm writting a formal request to the Practice Manager at my Surgery today, if they still refuse them I'm complaining to the NHS. I doubt a complaint will go anywhere, but it's still being made.
  5. Hi All, Has anyone had their Hep B jabs done anywhere in Lancs, ideally around Preston? Looking to have mine done, but my GP has refused outright, despite my offer to pay, saying it's my 'employers' responsibility and I've also been told that Lancs won't provided it as it is not a necessity. Any advice would be great as I don't particulary fancy any cirrhosis of my liver... despite the 'low risk'. Cheers.
  6. Up to date kit list

    I did, I realised I hadn't put them on after I posted it, I've added them on now. The only thing I didn't personally get was the cap, but I am more than happy for them to take their time finding me one, I'm not the biggest fan.
  7. January Starters

    Yeah it was good, well as far as Health and Safety, Diversity and corporate induction sessions can be. We found out our posting though (they thought we already had them), so that's good. Definitely looking forward to DT1 though, we get our box of kit on the Saturday of that weekend.
  8. January Starters

    I've found it... It's not actually on the email, but it is in the pre-reads. Its the Joining Instructions document. Arrival and Reporting Students will report to Reception Desk at Training Centre, Hutton, between 8.00 am and 8.30 am on Saturday and Sunday morning. Dress Smart/Casual dress should be worn (i.e. no jeans or trainers).
  9. January Starters

    I haven't had anything yet either, I'm guessing there must be something coming out in the next day or two though.
  10. January Starters

    How's Preston shape up in comparison, if you've served there?
  11. January Starters

    I guess Blackpool isn't too much of trek from Preston, so that's not too bad if you end up there. I was told that they've had logistical issues with posting non-drivers to other Divisions in the past, so tend not to now.
  12. January Starters

    Where abouts in are you from, do you live in the West Division area? I met one of the s/sgts before I applied and was told I should get Preston as that's where I live and I don't currently drive - so hopefully that's true.
  13. January Starters

    Where are you going to be? I haven't heard anything like that as of yet.
  14. January Starters

    I know what you mean, after two weeks or so of no work and much food I've definitely gained a few pounds. Back to the gym on Monday. Pre-reads are going okay. Currently trying to learn as much as I can about PACE from the legislation.gov website.