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  1. (Yet another) vetting query

    I have no knowledge of note, but I think you will be told if you fail as if you pass you are likely to hear by being given an offer to start.
  2. Hep B Vaccination

    Warks give it to all specials as standard, odd that Lancs don't.
  3. Assessment Centre last Saturday

    Enjoy your training, the trainers are good people and very knowledgable (if you get P and A then enjoy; very different styles.....)
  4. Level 2 PO Rank Sliders

    An interesting discussion and I would agree with the advice given above, they were a gift so happy days. It sounds more like the SSgt has a personal beef with you and is being a [insert your own description here]; roll with it and get backup / a witness at any meetings with them and the meeting will be short and sweet (for you) / not sweet (for them). As an aside, specials in my force no longer display the SC or crown on epaulettes (unless they have old ones) as all new issued ones are the standard force style, i.e. just a number. All specials have numbers that start the same so we can tell but Joe Public cannot see any difference - although to be fair we are a small force.
  5. SC Training

    Go smart, better that way. As above, you are assessed from day one. It was noted during my training that the instructors, on the three times they did uniform inspections, only really checked those who were more casual on day one.... Play safe.
  6. Greys help required...

    It is the old traffic, and now patrol, base. Between Leamington and Stratford, about midway. About half my specials course works there and they stay it is very good, lots of time in Stratford and the surrounding areas. It has the advantage that there is loads of parking but not much else (although I have only been there a few times).
  7. Getting into WMIDS will take over a year probably, you have a date for special training - why not do it and see see how you like it? You are not certain to get through the WMIDS process after all and given W Mercia and Warwickshire have just taken on and both apparently have waiting lists.....
  8. Well done for passing the interview, one step nearer. Can I suggest though that if you have your real name and year of birth at your user name you may wish to cosnider changing it a little In asnwer to your questions, and only on my exeprience I accept, the dress code is gym kit for the beep and smart clothing for the rest - it is a [half] day interview after all. In the Warkwickshire / West Mercia process they will normally carry out all the parts above on the same day so expect a little waiting around at points as there are a limited number of people available to do parts of the process and there may be a lot of you going through the centre. The writing test is to test that you can be understood in writing; it is not about knowledge, it is about being understood. Spelling and grammer are important though. Let us know how it goes.
  9. 2nd time the charm

    Well done chap, time will soon come around.
  10. Scottish Sovereigns

    Dragonfly, Short and sweet response to the OP, I would argue the point (just to be a pain) but as he agreed to the contractual terms he can hardly argue with you and I am a rule following type. 2
  11. PNB Inserts

    Many thanks, very kind.
  12. PNB Inserts

    Thanks chap, appreciate it.
  13. PNB Inserts

    I would also like them if you are prepared to share.....
  14. Undeclared legal mods on vehicle

    As a question: if the person has bought the car from a dealer and not made mods but the car has dealer fitted extras and the person is not aware they are extras, then are they mods or not? A lot of cars are bought from dealers that slightly differ from standard and this is becoming more common after all....