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  1. PNB Covers & Extras?

    Hi all, I am new Special Constable, currently in training. Loving every minute of it and enjoying learning everything. I have been issued most of my kit including PNB. However, I am finding it very frustrating completing PNB entries as it is so flimsy. Does anyone have any suggestions that doesn't make it 40 times larger (i.e some of the covers I've seen). Also; what do people carry in their PNBs? I note on a previous post someone shared their list of inserts but this was for paying forum users only, to which I am not. Plus, as most things need to be force specific would only be after 'rough ideas' of what people have, if any. So PS - I am wondering this; - Do you have a cover for your PNB? - Do you have extras within your PNB that help you remember things? Thanks very much, DCP-SC. Edit: Mine is a flip over, as opposed to a book style.. (if that helps)
  2. Disappointment :(

    Hey! I am in training at the moment with D&C. I believe you may need to complete online assessments now possibly as this is a requirement for ALL jobs including regular constable and police staff posts. Stick at it. As others have said it's an extremely long process in this force, but that's because it's the best
  3. So got the final confirmation that I am starting end of July. It's the open learning course, so a few months of iBook learning. Not hating that, although I would prefer to be classroom based. I wonder if anyone else on this forum is also starting end of July?
  4. Yes! The course got cancelled... I am now starting open learning in July! Expecting this to be cancelled - but that's just me being cynical.. Yes! The course got cancelled... I am now starting open learning in July! Expecting this to be cancelled - but that's just me being cynical..
  5. Ah glad you had fun! Exactly. But feel much more relaxed now I have dates confirmed. & sorted out all my leave with work to fit around the training to ensure I am off!
  6. Yes, I am a bit freaked out with my knowledge sometimes. It will help big time, I am sure of it. I have been on about 20 shifts out with various resources now over the last couple of years. Just looking to be able to get out there and do it.. Very excited. Have you just had your practical weekend at HQ?
  7. Arktis custom orders

    Weirdly I didn't know they were made in my home city!!
  8. Oh fantastic news! Yeah looking forward to it. The thing I have worked for the force for 3 years so my knowledge is pretty good, the home office counting rules & pace etc. are all in there already.. Just worried I will find the whole training duplication. Equally, massively eager to learn! Good luck. Do you know where you will be based?
  9. Hello from Devon!

    Thank you!
  10. Hello all, Been looking in ore at this forum & waiting, since July 2015 when my application deadline was... I have finally been given a start date for the open learning course for May 2016. Anyone else? Kind regards, DCP-SC.
  11. Hello from Devon!

    Hello everyone. Just been accepted onto a Specials course starting May for Devon & Cornwall Police. I already work for the force as staff so have an insight knowledge but thought it would be good to speak with people to get more understanding of the training etc. Hope you're all well. Kind regards.