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  1. Experiences at Hendon

    Mostly did my training in Richmond. Overall it was ok but we had to persuade them to teach us about using the radios. Worrying really! As colleagues above have mentioned, there is a big problem with people not doing their hours, and even in terms of recruitment and retention.
  2. MPS Credit check?

    You will also have had a credit check as a special. I am MSC and like you the 'Association of Chiefs' showed on my Experian profile but not on Noddle or Equifax. Such checks are common and make sense since officers could be in a position to be bribed if they have significant £ problems. Recruitment are super slow and I found I was chasing them weekly on various stages. If I were you I would phone them (if you can get a number for the person assigned to your application). It sounds like you are ok though. Good luck! Frog.
  3. Induction evening

    Dan, Yes, dress smart casual but no jeans / sports wear. I think I and most others wore a shirt / jumper and some nice trousers. Re vetting etc, I had to continuously chase them and it was literally a Friday afternoon before they told me i was cleared on vetting and due to start on the Monday. They do need a bit of chasing but keep checking and if you are doing full time training explain to Vetting the need for you to let your employer know about time off etc from your 'normal' job - that usually works as an excuse for pestering them. Best - and Good Luck! Frog
  4. MSC Expenses

    Sorry if this has already been covered. I know we can claim back travel expenses from MSC training and I know as SC we get travel and food expenses on duty, but I wonder whether we can claim back for meals during the training. In my case I've done full time intense training. I've asked around but nobody seems to know. £5 every day for 24 days all adds up Frog
  5. March intake

  6. March intake

    Cheers. Went well - mostly admin really.
  7. March intake

    will message you on there.
  8. March intake

    the worse bit is I probably will go up to someone else before I find you I'll just wear a grey suit minus the tie and a blue striped shirt.....I think we ought to recognise each other now!!
  9. March intake

    ha! Ok, I will just look for a tall guy with a Boris like haircut, who looks like a teenager and walk up and say 'frog91'....hopefully I won't get too many odd looks. What the heck is 'dressed in a manner appropriate for formal training'?! Suit and no tie?
  10. March intake

    I'll try and spot you......5'9ish blue glasses / 24 YO Should be interesting. I can't PM you but I'm Tom (bit of a novice on here)
  11. March intake

    I'm doing this too but the Monday is at Hendon I think and then Richmond from Tuesday and thereafter? Will have to double check....
  12. March intake

    I'm starting on the 7th March intake finally after missing the Feb intake due to lack of vetting.....finally getting there!
  13. Hello

    Hi, I'm due to begin training for the Met Specials soon!