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  1. MSC to PC - Day 1

    I wish! I can hardly walk on it, let alone run. I've tried deep heat, lavender oil, voltarol, deep tissue massages, and resting it, none of which seems to have helped much, if any. I've also noticed a bruise on the left leg shin, right where the majority of the pain is, which looks like it has two small puncture marks inside it, I don't recall hitting my leg on anything so beginning to wonder if i've been bitten by something and had a bad reaction.... I always get sore aching muscles after running the JRFT, I've run two practise runs, one last week and one the week before and passed both, but it's never done me in so badly I can't walk on it properly for the next two weeks. This all started hurting just shy of 2 weeks ago, and recently the pain seems to have been getting worse, not better. I seriously doubt I'll be running the JRFT at ESB tomorrow, as much as I'd love to. I've asked Santa for a new pair of legs for Christmas this year!
  2. MSC to PC - Day 1

    I'm doing it again because I didn't run it the first time, you do it on your day 2 assessment, and then again on your first OST session, if you fail, it varies from site to site, at Hendon allegedly they recourse you, where I was at Marlowe because I didn't take part I completed personal study whilst the others had their OST sessions. I'm in the traffic CJU at Marlowe House, putting on damage only COPA collisions onto the COPA system, pretty boring, been there for the last 2 weeks and probably have another 2 weeks once I return from annual leave there before i'm off to borough, but on the plus side at least we're still being paid and in the warm, it's freezing outside! Yes I have still been attending training school whilst having this injury. I can only hope your vetting is a better process than mine was, mine was an absolute farce... Vetting initially told us all that "no news is good news", 6 weeks after receiving a conditional offer to start 31st July I chased the vetting team to be told "the form we are using to process your vetting check is out of date, as a result we have cancelled your application, this is now out of my hands and you will need to speak to MetHR" I was initially annoyed that I had had to chase them to find that out, you'd think someone would have the mind to at least notify me, from what I can gather vetting hadn't just cancelled the vetting application either, it had been cancelled weeks ago. I was then passed back and forth between HR and Vetting, and ended up having to fill out another Recruitment vetting (RV) form, I completed this and sent it back to them within an hour of them having sent it to me. About a week later I then receive an email stating they won't be able to put me on the 31st July intake, as I have not been vetting cleared in time (despite being a special so already having clearance to the exact same vetting level! - Apparently they redo it when you apply, even if you are still serving or not!). I was told i'd go on the August 30th intake, which although annoyed I accepted. Come 25th July, 5 days before my original course was supposed to start, I receive an email informing me that my vetting clearance had come through late the previous night, however, due to the significant delay (vetting should take 4-6 weeks max realistically, mine took virtually 10 weeks) - none of the boroughs I had put down as preference boroughs were available, only Richmond, Hounslow or Haringey were available. I trained at Richmond as a special, and it took a good 2 hours to get to, so didn't want to be based there, the other boroughs are even further out from me, I'm on the London/Kent border. Reluctantly I then phoned HR and advised i'd wait the month as I'd been expecting to since being told i'd not make the 31st July intake, in the hope I get a borough closer to home, or one that is on my preference list at least, and isn't 2 hours away. **** poor frankly, compared to my specials vetting which went absolutely faultlessly, and I found out within 4 weeks. I'm hoping to run the JRFT on Monday, although my leg is still aching badly, if I defer I can only defer for a week, which takes us to xmas day - obviously ESB won't be open then so would have to be sometime in the new year, which then pushes back the day I go to borough even further, something i'm reluctant to do. Tempted to run on the injured leg, inevitably it will hurt more afterwards, however I am then off for 2 weeks, giving me time to recover. We'll see how it goes over the weekend!
  3. MSC to PC - Day 1

    Well done! I was an MSC officer too at PY from March 2016 until August 2017, only resigning to start training for the regs. I was on the August 30th intake (supposed to start on the 30th July intake but didn't happen due to vetting making a cockup of it) - finished training 29th November, should have been first day on Borough (ZD) however had an injury so was unable to partake in the fitness test and therefore did not complete OST and go to borough like the remainder of my class. Myself and two others are all on OST hold up in the traffic CJU at Marlowe, running my JRFT on Monday and should pass it fine, currently suffering with a horrible lower leg injury that causes significant pain when walking (let alone running or jogging on). All my exams are done, including the OST exam which I passed, despite not having completed OST. All i'm waiting on is passing my JRFT on Monday, then i'm on annual leave for 2 weeks over xmas, then OST on the 4th January, the remaining 4 sessions over the next two weeks. Should be off to borough by mid-late January. Have you got a day 2 date yet?
  4. Declaration to force?

    Declared it via email, just sent it to my lead trainer and line manager.
  5. Declaration to force?

    So yesterday I was en-route to a petrol station late at night and accidentally drove past the turning for it, I decided to turn up the next road and turn around, as I drove up the road I saw a marked police vehicle at the end of the road which appeared to be a cul-de-sac/dead end, so decided to turn around in the entrance to another side road that branched off the road I was on. Obviously the PC's in the vehicle saw me coming towards them sat in their marked police vehicle and then suddenly turn and go the other way, as I expected they decided to follow me and stopped me for a quick chat. Before they said anything I jumped out and said "I know how it looks" as I was thinking the exact same, in that it looks dodgy to them, they ran a PNC on my vehicle which came back fine, the other PC took my name address and DOB but I don't think he ran a PNC check on my name as he was with me the whole time talking to me. I'm currently a PC in the Met in training, it was a satisfactory stop and they were happy with my explanation (missed the turning because not concentrating on the route I was taking, decided to turn around in a side road which happened to be a little way down from where a marked police vehicle was parked, which to them looked a bit suspicious). My question is this - do I need to declare this to anyone at work, my line manager or the vetting unit perhaps? I recall vetting telling us we need to declare anything which involves us and any police force, or government agency in any manner but not sure that this needs to be declared given it was a routine satisfactory stop.
  6. Pocket Notebook Queries

    No doubt from a loving 'customer' you dealt with?
  7. Experiences at Hendon

    Oh very good. Indeed there is, a rather tedious one at that. The pain of having to redo all the NCALTS I did as MSC again is deplorable.
  8. Experiences at Hendon

    Day 1 MSC for me was also combined (October 2015) for the regs (Feb 2017) it was separate, with my day 2 being in April. Yes, they are now known as KRE's, "Knowledge Retention Exams".
  9. Experiences at Hendon

    Brings back memories! I'm ex-MSC (trained March-April 2016 at Sovereign Gate in Richmond, attested June 2016 and resigned August 28th 2017) and now a PC in training, I'm based at Marlowe House in Sidcup for my PC training and so far have found the course to be superior in almost every manner. The staff seem more lenient, understanding that the student officers are only as reliable as the public transport, or the road network, when I was MSC there were several people who were held up due to public transport delays who got a bollocking, despite it not being their fault and having left plenty of time. When I did MSC training I often found we'd turn up to class for either 0700 or 1400 hours and not have a staff member to train us for almost an hour in almost all cases, so the first hour was just wasted sat around not learning anything. When we had our EAB lesson there was a shortage of staff on that particular day, so we were handed EAB's by a covering staff member and told to complete them and that she'd be "back in 2 hours" to collect them and mark them, bearing in mind this was an assessed subject. We had our EAB lesson in PC training last week, and the training in comparison was worlds apart, we were actually shown how to complete one properly and given a handout, as well as given a scenario to write out a practise one, which took nearly 4 hours to complete. MSC training was pretty shambolic, radios were supposed to be done on the second to last week, but got pushed back to the very final day and we were literally given a radio and told "speak into it and pass it around" for 10 minutes and that was it. It's no surprise when you go to Borough other PC's and MetCC staff have the perception of specials being **** with radios, not knowing correct procedure or terminology etc. By contrast during our PC course we started using the radios on about week 4 or 5, and we've been practicing with them on numerous occasions, most times we do roleplay scenarios (of which we do a lot of) we use them, staff are continually going on about critical things such as showing TOA or "on scene" and circulating suspect descriptions, etc, all good practise and i'm glad we're doing it, just a shame it wasn't the same during the MSC course. Also we get lockers at Sidcup, so no need to keep lugging kit back and forth like we did for the MSC training, not sure if this is the policy or if it's just dependent on how many lockers there are and how many students there are on all the intakes at a particular RLC. We've passed ELS, had OST session 1, passed KRE 1 and we have assessed Stop and Search, assessed arrest, KRE 2 and assessed MG11's plus EAB's soon also, Monday is week 8 of 13. I've found that i'm on a SNT at ZD, as this shows on HR self service, I'm hoping this is just for our initial 5 weeks of street duties, and not ongoing after that as I had seriously hoped for response, and have been told time and time again that ZD were seriously depleted on ERT officer numbers (around 60 officers down allegedly). We've also been told we will all get driving (I'm going to say it's a safe bet to assume this is basic driving only) within 4 weeks of coming to borough.
  10. Pocket Notebook Queries

    Same, i'm in the Met so ours have a red cover, that's come off completely so there's the front and back cover and the actual notepad pages as two separate things now, the staple came loose.
  11. Uniform fitting question

    Was told I had to go anyway, so went this morning. Got taken on a tour of MetCC (First contact using CHS system and then Dispatch), interesting to say the least.
  12. MSC-PC Training Course

    It's the same for regulars and specials, they send you where they need you.
  13. So when I was MSC and we had our uniform fitting at Hendon (April 2016) we were all measured and fitted on the day, and took all our kit away with us. However, i'm the only recent ex-MSC officer in my class (there's one other but he resigned in 2012 so handed all his kit back in), I was told to keep all my kit, and my baton as they knew I was joining the regulars hence the reason for leaving the MSC. Apparently now, it's done differently, we have to go up to Hendon but we take nothing with us (except for me that is), we're measured and then the uniform is delivered to our RLC some weeks later. Of course, for me, I'll have to lug all my kit up to Hendon (about a 2.5 hour one way trip) just to be measured and confirm it still fits me and then lug it all the way back home again. Personally I'm reluctant to do this as I see it as a bit of a waste of time - I'm happy with the kit I have and it fits me well, so I see little to no point at all in spending near enough 5 hours lugging kit around just to be measured and told it fits me still, which I know anyway! Apparently we also have a visit to MetCC scheduled whilst we're there, but it's not a part of the syllabus as such and just an experience sort of thing. I'm wondering if it's possible for me to just not go, I will of course ask my trainers tomorrow as uniform measurements are on Thursday, if I must go then I will, but frankly it's just a bit of a wasted exercise, they can't swap it for me then and there anyway so there's no point in bringing it all up there. I'm sure i'm not the only person who's experience this. Thanks in advance.
  14. MSC-PC Training Course

    Put PY as my first choice, got ZD borough. 3/4 of my class are also off to ZD, the other 3 are off to JC. About 80% of the students at the RLC I'm at are all going to Croydon, apparently they're desperately short, around 60 officers down on response! Week 4 this week. Enjoying it so far but can't wait to start CPM!
  15. BBC: Cyclist jailed over pedestrian death

    Ludicrous... how can this not be manslaughter? Manslaughter is accidental death, which is exactly what happened here. Also, why on earth are they so lenient to cyclists? Absolutely no doubt in my mind a car driver drives irresponsibly and kills someone they're going to jail for a number of years.