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  1. Tapatalk

    Still getting this issue when browsing the forum, are the tech guys even interested in fixing this? Its been going on for long time now yet no one seems to be interested in fixing it.
  2. Tapatalk

    Bart coukd you advise if the techies have looked at this? Still getting this issue, extremly frustrating browsing the forum.
  3. Tapatalk and mobile compatibility

    I am getting the same issue but more or less daily, any idea when Dragonflu will be able to take a look this? It sure is hampering my enjoyment of the forum...
  4. Social media presence

    Forgive me Bart i dont mean to sound out of turn, its just the actual changing of the settings to link the pages to the forum is a 10 minute job tops. I have experience from other forums it is not a big job. Are you allowed to say what the specfic probelm is? Maybe us members can help?
  5. Social media presence

    Bart just to echo the above question, any news? Would be great for the forum in time for xmas.
  6. Mini Moderator

    Well done!btw how does one become a mini mop? What is the criteria? I would love to get involved.
  7. Anon Twitter

    As a member of the public i am always interested in policing, i follow inspector gadget, and private eye. Twitter is vital for big companies, our bart is going to launch 1 for this forum,its been quite a wait but when it launches i am sure this forum will be alot busier.
  8. Social media presence

    Ok bert,do give me a shout in the future if you need a hand, i would imagine a respected forum like ps forum will attract alot of attention on facebook and twitter, so all hands to the pump.
  9. Social media presence

    And your social media pages can we have a look? Might be able to offer some advice?
  10. Social media presence

    By the way just been on your sister site, it appears a person called jim has taken over there?
  11. Social media presence

    Good news on dragonfly, i thought he had upped sticks and left lol. As for the social media feeds, it is taking a while is it not, if you need some help i am a dab hand at this kind of thing, i charge big money in real life but for you guys i will do it for free. Are the actual pages ready? Could we members have a sneak look?
  12. Social media presence

    Hi guys i have not posted for a bit, however i do browse regulary, i think having a twitter and facebook will help alot to make the forum grow any news on this? Also is dragonfly not with us anymore? Just noticed he/ she is not showing as admin, what has happend? He/ she regualy replied to my questions which i appreciate.
  13. "Police Harassment" videos

    Only could tolerate a few minutes of it, arrogant driver thinking he could intimidate the officer by repeatedly asking for his badge number, the officer called his bluff by saying lets go to my sergeant, driver made some excuses why he couldn't, oh dear, the officer did get into somewhat of an unnecessary slanging match though.
  14. Nothing is free in this world. Complete non-story!