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  1. Specials - Late 2015

    It's pretty straight forward really - you sit in the lecture theatre and sheets will be given out to you. If I remember rightly (it's a year ago for me now!) you get about three different sections to the test. There'll be a question book and an answer sheet and each section is timed. Once the section is started you work through at your own pace until you're told the time is up at which point you will then be instructed on how to address the next section. You get a few practice questions before each section and it's explained thoroughly and ensured everyone understands. There are a variety of questions throughout the test - some multiple choice, some filling in the blanks, and at the end one is just writing so they can assess your spelling and grammar etc. I honestly can't remember how long each section is but some have plenty of time, and some no one ever finishes (even the staff present say that to you!) so don't panic. Sorry I can't be of more help - it's difficult to remember to be honest! All I can say is you'll be fine, you can't revise for it so it's not overly difficult. Remember to take a watch though because there isn't a clock for you to keep track of time! Good luck
  2. Specials - Late 2015

    Exactly what Mike said - it's actually a lot more fun than I was expecting like us, I'm sure you'll be training with a great bunch of people which makes it a lot more enjoyable! Similar to what was mentioned, I'd suggest being prepared for a fair amount of reading. Even running through a couple of pages of notes (they're given to you on your first weekend) before the next session will make it a lot easier to understand. Also you'll need a lever arch file for the notes - they're quite hefty but really useful! Learning about pocket notebooks will help a lot as you'll be issued with them and expected to write in them from day three. You'll also need two passport photos so if you don't have any lying around I'd suggest popping to your local photo store and getting some done. Hopefully see you in March sometime! Give us a shout if you ever need anything
  3. Specials - Late 2015

    Nope, a few others said the same thing. I guess they keep hold of it and present it to us with our warrant card at attestation? Might be work a check with BCU Commanders on Wednesday
  4. Specials - Late 2015

    Anyone having trouble getting there/back this weekend?
  5. Specials - Late 2015

    Excellent stuff. Was wondering what to put for the station as we don't have them yet but Shirley said it's fine to leave that. Looking forward to tonight... see you in a few hours!
  6. Specials - Late 2015

    Anyone get the bank details email today?
  7. Specials - Late 2015

    Just had the phone call - all good for February training! Just waiting for the forms to come in the post and then to book uniform fitting. Exciting times!
  8. Specials - Late 2015

    Haha, hopefully so! You never know, it all depends on the intake dates I think. Best of luck anyway!
  9. Specials - Late 2015

    5th November, same day as my medical.
  10. Specials - Late 2015

    Yeah I thought that, that's why I rang. Pure chance that they'd just received the results as I phoned them! Maybe I was pushed further back in the queue if they were under the impression I couldn't make the Feb intake? I'll see what they say when they phone anyway, but yeah, hopefully I'll get on it!
  11. Specials - Late 2015

    Ah cool, can't wait for that! I phoned on Friday and they'd just received my DNA results so I'm expecting a call this week. Strangely I wasn't on the Feb intake list though even though I said I could make all the dates! Hopefully that's been corrected now.
  12. Specials - Late 2015

    It does, yes
  13. Specials - Late 2015

    Still waiting here, too
  14. Specials - Late 2015

    Congratulations! Still waiting to hear... hope that's not a bad sign!
  15. Specials - Late 2015

    Still on pre-employment for me too, although I think they're nearing the end of that as they've contacted someone again for a reference they were unable to provide at the start of the vetting process. Just over a month to go to training so can't be too long surely! Congrats, nice one! Hopefully see you in training