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  1. SC Training

    Hello! I went for trousers and shirt, Better to be over dressed than under dressed the say haha! Good luck with your training!
  2. Active?

    Hello! I'm currently a serving Notts special as well and check this forum quite regularly. good luck with training!
  3. Thanks for the info Stigy, I was worried about it in the way of the mortgage company seeing a search rather than the police seeing a mortgage so thank you!
  4. Notts SC Recruitment & Training Stages

    Hopefully I'll be able to add to this as I progress through the different stages, fingers crossed!
  5. Hi, I'm James

    Welcome! Congrats on getting this far and good luck as you progress, keep us updated!
  6. Interview Prep

    I've recently been thorugh the interview process and found this link to be really helpful when thinking of answers for the competency based questions. I was also really nervous but just prepare the best you can and you'll settle in to the interview once you've started! Good Luck!
  7. Thanks for the reply Bravo4juliet, I thought it might be that way that it won't show the police search but just wanted to ask
  8. That's what I was hoping! It's all ended up happening at the same time!
  9. perfect thank you! Thanks for the well wishes as well
  10. Hello, I recently passed my interview stage of application and i am now moving on to the pre employment check stage. The question i have is, When the police do these checks what kind of credit check do they do? I'm asking this as i'm right in the middle of buying a house and have had a mortgage approved and just don't want anything to damage my credit file before i actually receive the funds as the mortgage company may do one last credit check before they release the funds. In my head it shouldn't affect anything as i'm not applying for credit, its just the police searching my credit history. Does anyone have any idea? Many thanks!
  11. Interview Presentation

    Thanks for that link to the competencies, it's really helpful! Just busy making notes on each competency now so I can be prepared for any that they ask for!
  12. Interview Presentation

    Thanks everyone for the advice! Bravo4Juliet - I have not been told which specific competencies I will be tested on. Just 'the generic competencies of a special' any idea of the best way to learn what these are? And also what I feel I can contribute to the force values. Also any other advice you might be able to pass on for the interview? I have been reading up about the STAR method which seems effective!
  13. Interview Presentation

    Bravo4Juliet - sorry for the late reply but it looks like hecarim has answered your question! Hecarim - my interview is on October 20th at headquarters. Still trying to think of a suitable police related topic to use for my presentation!
  14. Interview Presentation

    Thanks for the replies, will take them in to account! bravo4juliet - it's not for the rural specials, sorry I didn't make that clear in my first reply!
  15. Interview Presentation

    Thanks you! It's for Notts Specials.