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  1. SC to PC

    I am also interested in this subject as I am currently training as a special for the met, I wanted to apply to be a regular but did not have a second language as it was required at the time. I am a bit concerned now as it sounds like to become a regular I will need to do all the training again from scratch which seems crazy, so do I apply to become a regular at the same time as a special or wait until I am ips then apply ? It seems pointless waiting another year just to get ips if the only difference is I wont need ckp I would rather pay the 1000 and get started quicker I am not a young special by any means and time is running out any suggestions on the best plan of action guys ? Thanks Regards Wayne Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. MSC Induction Evening

    Will do mate thanks a lot ☺
  3. MSC Induction Evening

    Thanks mate
  4. MSC Induction Evening

    Thanks sir95 I am 41 and I am starting the specials intesive course for the met on the 9th of may I think I am the oldest one on that intake, I am also worried about the studying side of thing after not being at school for 25 years do you have any advice to help with the exams I have paid for an onine revision service where you can take mock kee1 2 and 3 exams there is def a lot to take in. My ultimate goal is to become a regular but at the time the met had the second language campaign running so I went for the specials gonna hopefuly pass training and get my head down get my ips and then try and get in that way good luck with your new career mate.
  5. MSC Induction Evening

    Thanks for all the advice guys the induction evening was really good very informative, I am glad I had a suit on in the end although there was a few in t shirt and jeans
  6. MSC Induction Evening

    Thanks for the reply mate I am starting the intensive course on the 9th may I Hope my 40 year old brain can handle it all ☺
  7. MSC Induction Evening

    Thanks Bobcat I think a suit is the way to go I do have one so its not a problem
  8. MSC Induction Evening

    Hello all I have got my induction evening this Friday at new Scotland yard it says on the email Business Dress or Smart casual (no Jeans) has anyone been to one of these what did everyone wear ? is a suit too formal ? what would you recommend thanks in advance everyone had some great advice from this forum. Regards Wayne
  9. Young Specials

    Same here miss mulberry thats the plan anyway
  10. Young Specials

    You all have me worried now I have recently passed the day 1 and 2 and start full time training on the 9th of may it looks like I will be the grandad of the group at 41
  11. Ok thanks guys for the advice i will go for it nothing to lose :-)
  12. As the title suggests I have just passed the specials process and I have a training date but as the met have now removed the second language rule and are recruiting I wanted to apply, would gjis be allowed or a good idea would i be better off going through the special process then trying to become a regular ? Any advive please guys thanks Regards Wayne
  13. MSC training 09 may 2016

    Thanks SC WS95 I will be ordering the latest student book from blackstones I have got the pocket sergeant app on my phone which seems good for info as well. Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  14. MSC training 09 may 2016

    Thanks for the reply guys much appreciated I have had a look at the blackstones books, which one exactly are you using as there is a few different ones i could see online can you claim money back for them ? Thanks again Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  15. MSC training 09 may 2016

    Ok thanks for the advice coppercam much appreciated Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk