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  1. Fitness Test

    You'll never have to run more than 10km/h and never longer than 5 minutes. So do that on a treadmill with a small incline and you'll fly past
  2. Interview Prep

    As long as you demonstrate YOUR actions/role and how that had an impact etc. you can't really go wrong. Just be yourself and try not to panic too much. You'll do great! Good luck
  3. As far as I'm aware it won't harm it at all, as you said it's just a check so I wouldn't worry too much! Well done for getting this far and good luck!
  4. You have to cater to the question, they are quite vague and allow you to use a range of occasions. As long as you can convey how and why YOU did what you did then you'll be fine!
  5. Anyone here?

    Got my letter through on Friday, passed with an overall 68%! Medical to follow and vetting forms should arrive shortly
  6. Best way I found was to have a long think and then just be as honest as you can, if you can find the right situations then these can be helpful should you get through to the interview where they as competency based questions. The interviewer won't of seen your application and knows nothing about you so you can use the same situations if need be
  7. How many Ex Specials are now Regs?

    Thanks guys! I understand what you're saying PcGoody as its much the same attitude of mid level management at my place, seems it's like that nearly everywhere now.
  8. How many Ex Specials are now Regs?

    How so? I thought there would be plenty of similarities in duties?
  9. Hi guys, I'm currently going through the application process to become a Special Constable with Humberside police with the long term goal of becoming a Reg. I just wanted to hear how many of you had made the transition and how it was etc. Thanks in advance
  10. New member

    Hi Wayne, welcome! Which force are you applying to?
  11. New Member

    Welcome RZC!
  12. Anyone here?

    Thanks Popeye! I'm really hoping I get through to the next stage!
  13. Assessment day infomation

    I've just done my tests and interview for humberside and they said it'll be up to 2 weeks. I think that's a pretty standard time as they have to send the stuff to the college of policing, get it back and then send a letter out with the feedback.
  14. Anyone here?

    Just had my assessment centre on the 22/8/15 and I'm waiting to hear back, wondered if anyone else visits this much? What are you guys doing? Serving or in the application process etc? I'd love to know!
  15. Introduction

    I hope they don't waste time! I hate waiting :/. Assessment day went pretty well I think so now I've just got to wait a couple of weeks for my letter. Really hope it's good news!