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  1. Generic Recruitment query/queries

    I haven't lived with my mother for years. When my Grandparents passed away, I was on my own. I would like to think there were "room for manoeuvre", it's a shame the particular force didn't think so.
  2. Generic Recruitment query/queries

    After failing my initial vetting, I appealed in writing within the 14 days, and the decision was upheld to fail me. I understand they cannot give out any particulars, and was advised that I would get the same result if I were to apply again (to the same force). I just find it somewhat unfair that I am essentially being penalised for somebody else's criminal record, which was 'acquired' before I was out of nappies, admittedly she has slipped up with offences relating to alcohol whilst I was older, but I was brought up by my grandparents for the whole of my childhood life.
  3. Generic Recruitment query/queries

    Credit History is good, just my phone bill which is up to date. No criminal record at all, I know this as I had an unfortunate incident where I stood on one of my dogs toys and fell onto a Vase resulting in a trip to A and E and stitches, a patrol was sent the next morning to check on welfare. The officers checked my details and the results came back not known at all. The only issue I could think of, is my mothers record, for drink driving offences and other alcohol related problems. But I was brought up by my Grandparents from the age of 4, so have no close connections. When you say 'dodgy references' I take it you mean the persons I have put on the application? My references are my current employer and my personal is a local business owner who is my friends mother. My social media shouldn't be an issue as I'm very rarely on it unless it's to do with music or my guitars. Regarding my competency based questions, I scored well in my last application from the feedback received. I got an A across the whole process.
  4. Good evening people, hope everyone is well? I have been thinking recently (dangerous I know) regarding my efforts to join the Policing family. As some of you may know from my earlier posts to this forum, that I was successful in most of a particular force's recruitment process, up to vetting, where I unfortunately failed. I appealed via written letter, and the decision was upheld. After speaking to the recruitment department, I was advised I would no longer be able to apply for any vacancies to the particular force due to failing Vetting once. My query is not specifically Vetting based (but if it is deemed to be by moderators, I don't mind it being relocated). I have since made two further applications to forces who were recruiting and not even made the paper sift. Now I understand they cannot give individual feedback as to why, but I wonder whether the initial rejection would affect the outcome of future applications. I had also wondered whether my not driving at the time of the application may have affected the outcome. I have since obtained my driving licence. I also obtained my CKP during the first application (in the time specified by the application specifics). I am wondering if there is anything else I could do to obtain my childhood dream?
  5. Well that was a bit of a knock. Didn't even make it past the application stage for Lancs and BTP. I cant understand why as I passed all of Cheshire's process with flying colours, up until vetting, and that is a mystery as I have a clean criminal record. You will have to excuse the pun but I'll keep 'plodding' on
  6. Hi guys and gals, been away for a while as I have relocated and had technical issues. Unfortunately, I failed my vetting for the above position. Right at the last hurdle. Devastated didn't cover it. And whats worse is, I'm none the wiser why. But like they say, onwards and upwards. I have two further applications that I am awaiting a reply for, Lancs and BTP so we will see how I get on
  7. Of course, the risks there were massive. Luckily it ended without any serious injury. I personally wouldn't risk it unless absolutely necessary
  8. The suspect probably wasn't expecting to be detained so swiftly, and didn't see the officers coming if they were in "civvies".
  9. Lets be honest, does any criminal think through their actions before committing a crime? I've seen some outrageous attempts, which they clearly haven't thought about. But then I have seen the other side. Some are "good" at what they do.
  10. Hats

    These are the hard protective variety instead of the soft sort our AFO's wear. Do you think this is a short lived move?
  11. Hats

    I came across this today from a local media source http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2016/05/19/police-officers-to-be-given-a-new-look/
  12. This has happened more than once. Im sure an interceptor unit got the same sort of treatment during a routine stop on a stretch of motorway. The fact the occupants had a steady supply of missiles says its premeditated. Idiots! This could well cost somebody their sight and career.
  13. I would personally have been more open about the whole thing, but due to past experiences with his shocking management skills and attitude, I thought better of it. Just goes to prove people love a good gossip. It all depends on your employer I suppose, I see people who mention being honest with your employer. But if it results in you losing your job and having to wait weeks if not months for a start date, its not ideal when there's the mortgage or bills to pay. Hopefully your boss will be more professional and have some respect for you.
  14. I didn't tell my employer much, other than I was involved in the application process. When I got my conditional offer, somebody overheard a phone conversation of mine and blabbed to my boss about it all. He played the nice guy to my face about it, then made me redundant days later
  15. Your guide to VETTING

    I have received a letter from the Vetting department today telling me I had failed "Information has come to light during examination of the particulars supplied by you, which has been risk assessed and has resulted in your application being terminated". I was given no reason, and no advice on an appeal process. Im gutted to say the least. Less than two weeks before my formal offer. Devastated. I phoned resourcing to enquire and was told I have the option of appealing and am doing so. I was informed the reason was confidential, which I somewhat worrying.