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  1. Disappointment :(

    Hey Lanya, Don't get yourself down too much, I'm halfway through my Special's training with D&C police and myself along with several others on my course had their initial training course (Nov 2015) cancelled due to various reasons stated in your email and we all have started training over a year later than initially hoped. Some on my course have been in the process for a few years, I myself applied May 2015 and due to attest hopefully in July 2017 so it is a long process but it will definitely be worth it! Just don't give up and keep pursuing it when the opportunity arises as it will definitely be worth it! A positive thing to look at is that you know what to expect in terms of the fitness tests, interview, assessments etc. so you will already be prepared more than the majority of applicants will be! Good luck!
  2. I still haven't heard anything since my course was cancelled in December Even after sending monthly emails checking in, no updates! Given up chasing them on the last few months... Not sure if anyone has any suggestions/news? Good luck with with your training, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!!
  3. With out sounding negative, try not to hang onto it or think about it too much as I had done this when I was due to start my training the beginning of December but found out only 2/3 weeks before the induction that they cancelled the dates... still havent got new dates no matter how often I chase it up! Fingers crossed this doesn't happen to you and all your training goes well!
  4. I was due to have my induction at the beginning of december as a special however they cancelled it last week and have told me they're postponing it until they can review current situations. So what ever is currently going on is also affecting the intake of specials, not just regulars. I believe that some people are on the training i was due to go on however it is less than before... Fingers crossed for all
  5. NATO Phonetic Alphabet

    I find it easier to wind people up when they don't know the phonetic alphabet rather than associate something else like P for Peter... "Yes madam, I"ll spell it out for you, P for Pterodactyl, G for Gnome, W for Wrinkle...."
  6. So, first duty....

    Good luck WIntermute! Hope it goes smooth and dont cock anything up too badly! Let us know how it goes! (Y)
  7. May 2015 SC Applicants

    Update from my behalf; Received email last week (Monday 5th Oct) advising dates of training with a few details on open learning package. Replied a few days after receiving email confirming availability (should have booked it off work before hand then confirmed but will have to take the time off regardless!) Received email back from resourcing yesterday (Wed 14th Oct) after my reply requesting detials for car id card, warrant card declaration, NOK details and payroll details! They also included my shoulder number. Now, considering i pass vetting, i am due to have my induction on 2nd December, start training weekends in April 2016 and attest beginning of July 2016! Just hope no one in my family has a hidden past... Exciting times!
  8. Assessment day

    Well done! What was the format in the end for your assessment? I guess you're probably in the same boat as me and waiting for a start/induction date? I've been waiting so far for a month and and half for a start date with my force, still have vetting as well that is ongoing!
  9. May 2015 SC Applicants

    Ah good, I'm excited for you! Where abouts will you be based? I've received through an email today advising I need to fill in an online form for the security vetting! So at least that's one more step in the right direction (hopefully!) Hopefully I won't have to wait 15 months though to get somewhere with it all!
  10. May 2015 SC Applicants

    Congrats on attesting! Still sat here waiting for a letter inviting me to an induction!
  11. May 2015 SC Applicants

    I think it's a mix of weeding out non committed applicants and poorly organised recruitment. When I spoke to the recruitment team on my fitness test, they said that they do not have any training or induction dates yet as the training team haven't worked far enough in advance. Apparently they've only got a date(s) in september and nothing else, which are all fully booked! Let us know how your induction goes, what is involved and any useful details that's worth knowing!
  12. May 2015 SC Applicants

    We all got too focussed on warrant cards! Seems like such a long time just to get a start date! And then another 6 months or so of training! I'm just awaiting a date for my induction, full timeline of events at the top of this topic
  13. May 2015 SC Applicants

    ZD_Experienced, what is your timeline of events? When did you apply? When was your fitness/medical? And how long after this was it that they gave you your dates for induction? Thanks in advance
  14. Issued kit- Timeline and equipment

    Ah sweet Also, what did you receive on the induction... I only know that you receive a book. Do you receive any further literature? And a bit off topic of kit, but what things happened on your induction? Duly noted! I suppose it depends on individual needs, but trying not to end up like inspector gadget at the end of the day! I hope it flies by! I'm just waiting for a start/induction date of which I don't think I will get for a while :'(
  15. Issued kit- Timeline and equipment

    Thanks Tekkers!! Really helpful! When you say first weekend, is that the induction where you receive an ipad for distance learning? Or is this the first weekend like 6 months into the learning/training when you spend the weekend at HQ? Also is there anything that you have needed to buy to make being on duty more easy? Like belt pouches, klickfast(?) adaptors, torches, key holders etc? Thanks again! :D