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  1. MSC to PC - Day 1

    Seems like you’ve had it tough, but it’ll get better hopefully. Why are you doing your bleep test again? Good thing you weren’t sent on borough otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to get annual. Have you still been attending training school while you’ve had this injury even though your class all went to borough? My Day 2 is in January, beginning I believe. Hopefully once that’s complete I can just wait on vetting. But yeah mate, good luck with everything!
  2. Met Borough Choices

    I’m aiming to go down the skippers route rather than TSG or Trojan. I’ll just whack all 6 in and see what I get given.
  3. Met Borough Choices

    Hi there, guys. I’ve somehow managed to pass my Day 1. It wasn’t an easy day to be honest, it’s a very nerve-racking day. But yeah, I’ve managed to get through it. I’m now at the stage where I have to choose boroughs. Any suggestions or advise will be vastly appreciated. This is what I have in mind: 1. KF - Newham 2. GD - Hackney 3. SX - Barnet 4. QK - Brent 5. EK - Camden 6. HT - Tower Hamlets Anyone at any of the above boroughs?
  4. MSC to PC - Day 1

    Passed my Day 1 for those that are wondering. 😄
  5. Hi

    Hi, going through the MSC to PC
  6. MSC to PC - Day 1

    I hope so, thank you! 🙏
  7. MSC to PC - Day 1

    Hopefully they announce something soon on DS. 😂🤞 I’m surprised that they’ve only done one recruitment process this year or am I wrong, has there been two?
  8. Uniform fitting question

    How’s training going so far?
  9. MSC to PC - Day 1

    I was on the June intake but rescheduled my Day 1.
  10. MSC to PC - Day 1

    Hi there, guys. I went through the Day 1 process on the 16th Nov which admittedly was quite nerve-wracking. Was anyone else on here on that Day 1? So take me feel a little bit more optimistic, I thought I’d ask how long it took everyone else to hear back? I’m now just waiting; it’s been around 5/6 days now excluding the weekend. How much more longer do you guys think I’ll have to wait? On the day of my assessment, there were only around 8 of us, so I’m assuming it won’t take long for them to mark and distribute results. Fingers crossed. 🤞
  11. Covert Vest Cover

    Hi there, boys and girl. Does anyone know where I can find a Met issued Covert Vest Cover as I require it for a plain clothes Op? I've checked on iBuy, and they've been out of stock on there since iBuy was brought in. I'd appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance. 👍🏾
  12. Should the Rail Cops series be brought back?

    Would you know where I could watch it mate?
  13. MSC Expenses

    We weren't told anything about keeping receipts on us, but having receipts would make our/their life's easier to be honest.
  14. MSC Expenses

    I'll have a word with my supervisor and see what he says, thank you for for help pal! And I'll be at Hackney (GD). My first choice was EK, but apparently there weren't any spaces.
  15. MSC Expenses

    Fair enough. Would that be the same for fuel? I was on a Sunday course and I'd always have enough fuel to last me the whole week, so wouldn't need to top up my tank. How's it being a Special in EK mate?