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  1. Better prepared for initial training tips.

    Hi all. Just seen this thread. Thank you. Very very helpful as I start training tomorrow yikes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. FYI boots are issued in Dyfed Powys Police.
  2. Nadolig

    Hey thanks for pics - they look ace Had confirmation of dates yesterday, starting on 23rd Jan, can't wait to get stuck in now. Uniform to be worn for 3rd training weekend eeeeeeeek - I want to wear it now lol !! Awaiting confirmation letter and log in details for home learning. Had 1st jab today - shucks it hurt and really painful still. Don't like it lol !!!!!!!!
  3. bobs wanted

    Yet to start training as SC, but due to start 23rd of this month in DPP, so a complete newbie (and therefore, perhaps I shouldn't even be posting !!) Apologies if not. However, isn't discrimination an offence ? It's like me, being a female officer, refused entry into a suspect's house as suspect has issues with women, but my 2 male colleagues were allowed entry !!
  4. Nadolig

    Gee whizz Mister thanks for password junk overload Haha yip I turned down New Years Day going out, serious stuff !!! 2nd set of antibiotics. Best be ill now I guess all through my holz than during training !!!! Ha ye course someone is to blame coz I'm ill. Yoiu mentioned cs exposure ????? Do we get sprayed with it ? And who is the red man ? Talking in code - give me few weeks I'll be with you haha.
  5. Nadolig

    Oh dear, I've definitely had man flu me thinks too !!!!!! If it was normal cold, being a woman, I'd have carried on of course lol Put off having first hep b jab last week due to illness and floods - next week now. Don't like it !!! Hmm, perhaps we'll have other training weekends. Will find out next week the set up, etc. Here's to more passwords coming up no doubt for the home learning elements. Hmmmmm Okie's ta, will see if my tech with it son can work out my twit a/c !!!
  6. Nadolig

    Well had rather nasty chest and kidney infections since Xmas so haven't stuffed since boo hoo lol !!! Yes, it was rather good to find out before Xmas and had a few drinks to. Celebrate last Xmas as a mop !!! It's 6 weekends training every other weekend. Operational 4th April me thinks. Yikes. Um ye went on Twitter as you recommended but can't remember my log in - duh. What's your name ?
  7. Physical Assessment

    Hi Lauren123. Well done on getting this far, it's a tough, long old road !!!!!! I failed the bleep test and pull test first time around. Upped my game big time by increasing circuits to 3 times a week, running/jogging every lunchtime and literally running everywhere in between, to the post office, to other offices, in the supermarket lol, and increasing my upper body training in gym sessions 3 times a week and at least 150 reps at home with tins of food lol !!!!!!!!!!! Push ups against the wall, felt bit nuts doing it but worked as I passed 2nd time in with plenty to spare and now starting training 23rd this month !!!!! If I can do it, a proper office bod couch potato youngish 41 yr old, anyone can do it !!!! Good luck
  8. 2016 regular recruitment

    DPP closing next week.
  9. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda. Excited to be joining the 'family' in 2016.
  10. Cost of applying to special constabulary

    Ah thankyou. Didn't think I'd seen anything for DPP but have seen it somewhere. Oh well, at least we get given boots, much to the disgust of the regulars and pcsos heehee !!!!!
  11. Nadolig

    Yes it was lovely and indeed plenty of food. So nice to be off work, but looking like last Christmas as a MOP !!!!!!!! Passed everything whoppee at last !!!!!!!!! Training scheduled to commence on 23rd January. Excuse my ignorance,what's OST ? Not with the lingo yet. Hey massive congrats. Had warrant photo taken and it's horrid lol !!
  12. Cost of applying to special constabulary

    If it continues, is that force specific ? Thought I'd seen there was some renumeration somewhere !!
  13. Nadolig

    Indeed Merry Cookie Christmas. Had a break from stuffing my face lol. Ah Okie's been so quiet on DPP recently. What news you got ? Good Christmas ?
  14. Nadolig

    Nadolig Llawen pawb. Very quiet on here though 😑
  15. merry Christmas you lot.

    Merry Xmas. Good luck with everything.