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  1. SC October training

    Hi Is there anyone else starting their training in October. It would be nice to speak to each other prior to starting?
  2. SC recruitment 2015

    Thanks kasias!! That's good news! Hopefully won't take long to get the thumbs up, good luck!
  3. SC recruitment 2015

    Hi guys Just an update on my application, I've now passed the vetting and have a start date for training on the 20/10/15. Soooooo excited now, it's starting to feel real now!! How are you guys getting on
  4. SC recruitment 2015

    Hi jmcc Like kasias says, depends on what you failed on as to what you need to train. I've trained for many years so have various tips but 2 weeks doesn't give you much time, again depending on what you failed on? What stage in the application process are you?
  5. SC recruitment 2015

    Well congratulations kas, must be a great feeling and it's fantastic that you want to put back into your community!! Nice to hear you have a similar story too zoowatch, you will be in a better position to advise kasias. Honesty is the best policy then the rest is out of your hands and pray that you don't get into bother while waiting for clearance lolπŸ˜†. Personally I've applied as I want to be a regular officer and wanted to try it first as its a lifestyle change than a job change.
  6. SC recruitment 2015

    Yeh, it takes ages! But I do know South Yorkshire have a backlog of vetting to do so normally it would be done by now I'd expect. If they live abroad then I wouldn't know the procedure I'm afraid. So what makes you want to be a special?
  7. SC recruitment 2015

    Hi I never used the book so can't comment, the only advice I can give you is when the tell you the criterias (usually by email before you go) think of times in your life that you have done something to and incorporate the criteria into your answer. I thought up 5 or 6 and practiced them at home. Keep calm and speak clearly and you will be fine! The vetting is a chance for you to confess any record you have, they will check so be honest and tell them EVERYTHING!! Even speeding fines, the lot. There is also a financial vetting form to fill in to see if you are financially stable I suppose to rule you out of taking bribes on duty I'd imagine. I've been waiting nearly 4 months for mine to get cleared as they check all of your family and associates criminal records too.
  8. SC recruitment 2015

    Hi The order mine went in was, application, assessment day, vetting forms, medical then dna and drugs screening. No fitness test though which is strange. The vetting forms are very heavy!! An eye test also needs to be done at your own expense a long with a full medical test at the police medical centre!! The assessment day is around 3 hours long and consists of an interview, a written scenario test and a situation judgment test. The interview is very formal and they ask you to describe a situation when you have done something relating to to the 4 criterias (they will tell you the criteria they are looking for before arriving) giving you 5 mins per question, so when answering the question keep in mind the criterias at all times to keep you on track, it's easy to start waffling about pointless stuffπŸ˜–. A mock written scenario and the situation judgment test is emailed to you so you can practice beforehand for them 2.
  9. SC recruitment 2015

    Very true πŸ˜„. No problem, good luck with everything, it's a long journey but worth the wait! Keep me posted on your progress as I will be putting mine on, not that anyone is that bothered on the South Yorkshire forum as its dead on here (other than you) πŸ˜‚ if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask as I'm in front of you in the application process.
  10. SC recruitment 2015

    Hi Kas. It took just over a month I think. When did you send yours in? Which area have you applied for? 😜
  11. SC recruitment 2015

    Hi Zoowatch. I sent my vetting forms back at the beginning of June and haven't heard a dicky bird. I have also heard they are dealing with a lot of applicants but they are starting training courses on the 20th of October for the people who's vetting comes back in time, so hopefully we will hear back in time. Gale is very nice and happy to help
  12. SC recruitment 2015

    Hi danni Have you started your training yet? If so tell me EVERYTHING!!! I'm soooo excited!! I have completed everything as of this week (had biometric testing) and now I'm waiting for vetting to be cleared which I sent back at the beginning of May but HR keeps telling vetting hasn't come back yet and I've heard all the failed vetting horror stories about an uncles 3rd cousins dogs ex owners dad once streaked in college has ended in them failing their vetting. The South Yorkshire forum seems very quiet in comparison to others. I'd love to hear where you are and how your doing as you seem a few months in front of me???
  13. 2015 SC assessment day

    Thanks Bart! I'm very happy to hear that I have passed the assessment day and also sent vetting forms back!! Sooo excited to get started (depending on vetting results). Although I'm clean as a whistle I'm nervous about my vetting as I've heard about others that failed it on silly things that siblings, parents etc did in their past. Anyway positive mental attitude and hopefully I'll be fine!!
  14. Hi, I'm new to this forum (be gentle!) I had my assessment day on the 9/5/15 and I have passed which I'm over the moon about as I failed last year!! Yay! Has anyone else passed the same assessment day, where have you applied for etc... I have applied for Rotherham! Filling vetting forms out! Very excited now!! Hoping a few of us can get familiar before training starts!
  15. 2015 SC assessment day

    Hi...... Newbie to the forum! (Be gentle!) Quick question, anybody had the assessment day on 9/5/15? I'm nervous as I failed it last year but I didn't really prepare for it as I should have, I know very silly! Anyway prepared this time so hoping for the best! Anyone else had the same assessment day? If so what did you think etc....?