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  1. I don't see anything wrong with it. Sometimes you have to do something just a little bit uncouth to get a result, and I think anyone would struggle to deny this case wasn't an overall success. For the greater good and all that.
  2. Dutysheet app

    Indeed. Seems somewhat reckless.
  3. Dutysheet app

    Dutysheet have finally released an app for mobiles. To get it, go to your app/google play store and download DutySheet. To use it, go to your Dutysheet on a PC and head to My Details. Scroll down to 'Enable Mobile App', save changes and reload the page. Then click 'Add Device' and follow the instructions (account name is your shoulder number). Enjoy!
  4. Absolutely tragic news coming from London this morning. Excellent work by the emergency services to have evacuated so many. One of the many reasons I'll never live in a high rise.
  5. Status codes

    The latter, 0 codes as they're sometimes called. Thanks for the answer.
  6. Status codes

    Bril, thanks for that.
  7. Status codes

    Could someone shed some light on whether or not the Met use national status codes? Thanks in advance
  8. Stab Vest Cleaning

    No doubt about it. Mine smelt like fish when I first got it - though it has faded over time. This seems to make a massive difference. It seems leaving it in a crumpled pile at the bottom of the locker not only ruins the shape but also makes it smell like a dead persons house.
  9. Stab Vest Cleaning

    Is now a bad time to mention I've never cleaned my stabby?
  10. Stab Vest Cleaning

    In the mean time @Beaker, hopefully these should help. (Sorry the photos are so huge)
  11. Forgotten items

    A contractor is carrying out work at a private home. They complete the work and are paid by the homeowner to the amount requested, however, the contractor forgets their mobile phone at the house. The homeowner realises this the next day, but makes no attempt to contact the contractor or return the phone, despite having numerous different ways to get in the touch with them. Instead, they simply leave it on the sideboard in the living room, knowing it's there but doing nothing with it. Could this amount to theft? While there has been no dishonest appropriation- there has been appropriation. The homeowner has the property (phone) of the contractor and has no intention of returning it.
  12. Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable.
  13. Hello

  14. Hello

    Hey Rijack, Good luck with the assessment centre, keep us updated on how it goes!
  15. I think this is a great idea. It allows for training to be given to Specials that they wouldn't otherwise receive (minus basic first aid of course). In addition, it improves chances of survival for those most in need. Of course, the concern that this is simply 'papering over cracks' in the ambulance service seems quite well founded.