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  1. April intake

    It depends where you are based whether you get pool or personal issue. I didn't get to choose earpiece, just got given a black one and had no problems with it in the last two years
  2. Fantastic idea, I am a special myself and work in the NHS for my day job. Soon to be GMP regular.
  3. Hep B Vaccination

    I also found it strange Lancs didn't offer it me when I joined, although luckily I have recently had it due to my day job.
  4. Medical results

    Sit back and wait.. a month is a little early still, especially for Lancs
  5. How, when and where to apply

    GMP don't seem to advertise either, give HR an email and they will send you an expression of interest form, send this back to them once filled out and they will email you when recruitment is open. The EOI form is for all roles so not just police officers, it also has PCSO and SC on there.
  6. Up to date kit list

    Do you mean the 'POLICE' logo? If so I agree, the rest of the fleece is black though
  7. The PCSO role in BTP

    The training is what has put me off applying in the past as I live up North
  8. Up to date kit list

    I was also issued with the waterproof trousers, just forgot to add them as I've not once used them (couldn't even tell you where they are)
  9. Custody sergeant

    Watching the force: Essex, it seems the officer behind the custody desk is dressed in blue and is a member of police staff instead of the usual custody sergeant. Do Essex have custody sergeants?
  10. I organised a few of the recruitment events and attended a couple, I was speaking to Paul Airlie who says they get the uniform before the training starts now.
  11. How old were you?

    Attested age 20, a couple of weeks before my 21st Birthday.
  12. July Intake starters and pre reads

    Could I ask what the reason is you are going Hindlip?
  13. Intake 2016 july and medicals

    We have operating centres for each Division, where immediate response are based. In East at the minute there is Burnley, Blackburn and Colne. There are still other stations but that is where neighbourhood officers are based, as Specials you will be based at the operating centres as we are all aligned to immediate response teams. Off the top of my head I do not know the main stations in other divisions.
  14. Intake 2016 july and medicals

    How do you mean?