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  1. offensive weapon or not

    I agree cja states that and in a black and white view of the world however in the grey area we deal in I would not treat it as such.
  2. offensive weapon or not

    Definition of an off weap. You've stated yourself that it's incapable of causing injury. I could attack ppl with a balloon and I could even Intend to hurt them but wouldn't be an off weap offence as there is no way I could cause injury. Probably more likely to be looking at a common assault or an s. 4a poa
  3. offensive weapon or not

    Not for me. Off weap needs to be able to cause injury so maybe public order offences would be more appropriate of words of advice weren't enough.
  4. Potter's Police Videos

    I've watched your videos and I suggest you look for a new hobby, last thing I want when I attend a job is someone on the wind up. Which you quite clearly are.
  5. No thanks- when off duty only badge out for life or limb scenarios and even then run yourself through a ndm. Wheels can come off very quickly with no ppe or comms. Each to their own but that's my advice. Stick in an 5x5 and direct it to licensing
  6. Asp's

    Asp make their own believe it's called a sidebreak. I'd standby on purchasing your own as it should be issued by the job.
  7. Fighting in the park

    This goes down to informed consent. Two guys sparring in a park. No problem as by its nature is a contact sport. The issue here would be has anyone's actions passed the level of consent. This goes for all sports. Example I play rugby amd by partaking the sport I consent that I may be injured whilst doing it, this is my informed consent. However if I get tackled and then someone beats me unconscious and kicks me in the head that would be an assault. No offences in the above example for me though
  8. Alternatives to SC?

    What about a Community First Responder? Normally trained by your local ambulance trust? Or depending on where you are in the world the local search and rescue teams. My force works closely with KSAR (Kent S&R)
  9. Driving with drugs

    Test both and if clear them deal with the cannabis. Hopefully we have bodycam rolling if thwyve admitted to driving the xar ona public road to get to where they are now. If the supervisor has coughed it then I'd run them both through see if they're WM. Then depending on what his offence history fwc, pnd (as long as he's not under 18) or arrest.
  10. Driving with drugs

    What's his mate saying?
  11. Driving with drugs

    Is he alone in the car? If so he'd be pnd/lifted poss.class B
  12. Help with this one

    Only thing to be mindful of is ECHR article 8. Right to private life. Not in this scenario but some mop might start banging on about it.
  13. Psco take on?

    Can't be a special and a pcso. It will vary between forces but normally a no qualification route to pc will be a operational SC or a PCSO with a minimum 2 years service.
  14. kit bags

    I've got the amazon miltec one above. Really decent kit bag
  15. Buying non issue Stab/ballistic vest.

    If you do go ahead with this purchase please record the moment you walk into briefing wearing it and post it on here