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  1. MSC to PC - Day 1

    Have you got a training date yet? And i'm already in
  2. MSC to PC - Day 1

    @carrick when was your day 2? and what training date have you got?
  3. MSC to PC 3rd April 2017

    Hello everyone, Will anyone be applying for the MSC to PC intake that has just came out?
  4. Level 2 PO Rank Sliders

    Sounds incredibly childish of your SPS, if anything the eppaulettes look more professional. To make a meeting regarding sliders? sounds like he's jealous that nobody will order them for him. I know many many officers that have L2 eppaulettes that aren't and never have been L2 public order trained. Why should anyone care? It's not like you're impersonating a rank. Just embroidered numbers and letters. As long as it has SC crowns it should not be an issue.
  5. Attestation

    Congratulations! depending on the borough you're going to it can be very challenging and intense. Enjoy it and make sure you put in the effort and time wherever you can into being an MSC, you'll definitely love it.
  6. MSC eligibility

    Since when did the London Criteria apply for MSC?
  7. MSC eligibility

    If you become a special constable first, you will not need to do the CKP, you will just need to get independent patrol status and apply internally to become a PC
  8. Camden & Islington

    If you put in the time and shifts then you could become IPS in 6 months depending on how good you are.. When is your day 1/2?
  9. Camden & Islington

    Whichever one you get, expect to be busy, both have got above average crime rates.. Camden is very diverse in the fact that it has some very posh areas like Hampstead, in contrast it has some very urban areas like Queen's Crescent. I don't know much about NI but that also goes into central london so will surely be busy
  10. SC to PC updates ?

    Good point, they'd never expose that info to us though as things change a lot
  11. SC to PC updates ?

    Nobody knows yet buddy, lots of rumours of April but also rumours of it shutting for quite a while. Personally I don't think it will open soon because they recruited too many this intake, and also they stopped external recruitment. However, who knows
  12. Got my Day 1 & 2 combined (slightly confused)

    You still need to do role plays on the Day 1 for PC internally buddy
  13. Got my Day 1 & 2 combined (slightly confused)

    Yeah i guess, as i said they'd need to be quick at marking, then you'll have to change out your suit into gym wear. However, it will make applications much quicker
  14. Got my Day 1 & 2 combined (slightly confused)

    MSC has never had role plays as far as I'm aware. Would be interesting to know what would happen if someone fails day 1 but passes day 2 on the same day... Maybe they won't let you do the fitness if you failed day 1, they'd need to be quick markers.
  15. Police Recruitment Process

    Yeah it's a very nervy period of time for everyone i'm sure! They usually contact you if your vetting is not done and you're about to start training, one of the worst emails you can get saying their gonna kick you off the course unless its done asap haha